10 Search-ified Movie Quotes to Celebrate Geek Pride Day

By Kari Rippetoe | May 24, 2013
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Keep Calm and Be a GeekTomorrow (May 25th) is International Geek Pride Day, and yes, we here at Search Mojo are search marketing geeks. We’re also geeks about other things, and I personally am a bit of a movie geek. Not quite Quentin Tarantino-level film geekiness, but I particularly love movie quotes. You know those annoying people who recite lines from movies – while you’re watching them? Yep, that’s me.

So, what could be better than mashing together two great geek passions that go great together – search marketing and movie quotes! Here are 10 I compiled from the Search Mojo team. Feel free to tweet your favorite!

1. Ghostbusters (Tweet This Quote)

Ghostbusters - Back Off Man - Search Marketing

2. Network (Tweet This Quote)

Network - Mad As Hell - Google CPC

3. Austin Powers (Tweet This Quote)

Austin Powers - Canonical

4. Dirty Dancing (Tweet This Quote)

Dirty Dancing - Second Page Search Results

5. War Games (Tweet This Quote)

War Games - Chess - Google Algorithm

6. Austin Powers (again) (Tweet This Quote)

Austin Powers - Oh Behave - ORM

7. Monty Python and the Holy Grail (Tweet This Quote)

Monty Python - ROI - Bridge of Death

8. The Godfather (Tweet This Quote)

Godfather - Rankings

9. Legally Blonde (Tweet This Quote)

Legally Blonde - Rankings

10. Jaws (Tweet This Quote)

Jaws - Bigger Server

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