10 "Steal These" Ideas from Content Marketing World 2012

By Kari Rippetoe | Sep 11, 2012
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The great thing about conferences like Content Marketing World (which I had the pleasure of attending recently) is that the sessions present truly interesting and useful content. I believe the mark of an excellent session is one where I walk away with knowledge I didn’t have 30 minutes earlier and ideas I can implement right away.

Here are some of those content marketing ideas and takeaways from sessions I found particularly useful:

Todd Wheatland, VP of Marketing and Thought Leadership at Kelly Services & Co-Host of UNsolicited Advice, shares some useful tips for your video content strategy:

  • Repurpose and refresh your old (but still evergreen) content by adding video to it, giving it new life and exposing it to a new audience.
  • Want to pump up your content’s exposure on LinkedIn, and maybe even get into LinkedIn Today? Promote your content on LinkedIn, then share on Twitter via LinkedIn. Everytime someone retweets that post on Twitter, it counts as a share on LinkedIn – increasing the chances your content will start trending there.
Sharing on Twitter via LinkedIn

Select the Twitter option when you post a status update on LinkedIn.

  • Photos = 20 times more engagement on Facebook. Turn your videos into photos (take a screenshot of it) and post the photo with a link to your video on your website.

Arnie Kuenn, President of Vertical Measures, shares some tips and best practices for leveraging Google+ for content marketing:

  • Create a business page. This will allow you to target your messaging (Circles), generate for real estate for your business in Google search results, and create an integrated Google+ Local presence.
  • Grab readers’ attention with some text tricks for your Google+ posts. *text* to bold, _text_ to italicize, and -text- to strikethrough.
  • Make sure all your content has +1 buttons. Google uses +1 shares as a measure to determine search relevance, and your search traffic will be more qualified in turn.

Arnie Kuenn Content Marketing World presentation Google+

Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer of MarketingProfs and author of Content Rules shares some valuable ideas for creating epic content that drives business, while remaining true to your brand:

  • Don’t forget to create visual content outposts! Pinterest is great for posting visually-appealing content (including photos, videos and infographics) while driving brand engagement and traffic to your website.

Visual Content Social Media Outposts

  • Tell stories with your content – don’t just talk about what you do, talk about what you do for your customers.

Heather Whaling, President of Geben Communication provides some ideas for using content marketing as your public relations:

  • In-person events are great sources of content. Host events where you can gather data from discussions (such as a roundtable), which can produce useful content like white papers, webinars and blog posts.
  • Think of ways to create a content series, such as a “Tip per Day” blog post series or weekly video Q&As.

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