10 Tips for Google Mobile Advertising – Part 2

By Paige Payne | Mar 9, 2010
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Picking up where Avelyn Austin left off in 10 Tips for Google Mobile Advertising – Part 1, here are the final 5 tips:

6. Segmenting and Reviewing Mobile Campaign Performance Metrics

a) By Click Type – When reviewing campaign performance metrics by Click Type, you can view performance metrics for clicks to make phone calls from your ads,  in comparison to URL clicks at the campaign, ad group or keyword level from the Campaigns tab within AdWords.

*HINT: In the campaigns tab, from the “Segments” drop down menu select “Click Type

b) By Device- When reviewing campaign performance metrics by Device, you can view performance metrics for ads served to a computer, in comparison to ads served to a mobile devices with full browsers. This allows users the ability to identify opportunities for optimization.

*HINT: In the campaigns tab, from the “Segments” drop down menu select “Device

Mobile Device Reporting

*FYI: Currently the AdWords interface does not allow end users to copy/paste or export segmented data to excel in the two formats illustrated above. When the Google reps were asked about reporting in Adwords specifically for mobile devices, they responded by saying,

“They are currently working on the feature and are trying to have a form of mobile reporting available by the end of the first quarter.”

7. Define a Mobile Conversion for your Business -

  • Do you want to drive local phone calls? Visits to your store locator page?
  • Do you want to drive downloads of your mobile app? Video views?

8. Design your Landing Pages with Mobile Conversions in Mind – While the mobile and desktop/laptop search experience continues to converge, it is important to remember there are still key differences in usability for the two (especially screen size and navigation). Be sure to view your landing pages from multiple mobile devices, especially those driving the most traffic, to understand your user’s experience.

*Hint: According to a case study referenced by Google in the webinar:
“Tested alternate landing pages and found best result with page that included nearest store locations.”

9. Drill Down with Google Analytics -

Take a look at website traffic to see what percentage is coming from mobile devices before and after the launch of mobile campaigns.  Gather information from your customers about how they’re engaging with your business on mobile.

*Hint: Look for things such as which search terms are over- or under-indexing on mobile devices? And, how does the conversion funnel look on mobile?

Drill Down with Google Analytics

10. Test and Optimize Results – As the mobile market continues to evolve, be sure to continually test and refine mobile strategies to ensure your mobile campaigns are best able to achieve desired results.

Have any other tips for creating a successful Google Mobile advertising campaign?  Sign in and post your tips below.  Or contact me on twitter @paigecpayne.

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