2 Updates for Facebook Page Admins

By Renee Revetta | Sep 7, 2010
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Hopefully you’ve heard that Facebook changed the width of custom FBML pages from 760 to 520 pixels. If not, you can reference my post, 3 Tips for Facebook Landing Pages. If you already were aware of this change, you still might want to check your page again. August 23, the “official” day of the switchover had come and gone, I made my changes, and moved onward with my to-do list. Then, when posting a status update from the Search Mojo page, I noticed that changes are still “rolling out”. Update #1: Our “Like us” page was no longer displaying on its own, but within the Page navigation and layout. Here’s what I mean.



Although we had already adjusted to the smaller page width, the insertion of the Facebook navigation required more tweaking of the FBML layout. For our arrow to line up with “Like” it took about 60 pixels.

This new set up allows Facebook to display their main page navigation and links 100% of the time. Previously if you were not already a fan or logged into Facebook, only the custom FBML content would show – no Facebook sidebars. No wonder they wanted to make this update. More of their content shows and user generated content has less space. But I have no doubt that as designers, marketers and advertisers; we’ll find a way to do more with less. Now, the static text box underneath your profile photo and links on the left sidebar are even more important. Make sure you’ve taken advantage of every opportunity to share your URL and marketing message.

Update #2: After you’ve checked the layout of your Pages, make sure to pay attention to your boxes. Take note of the notification appearing on all boxes:

To be safe, I backed up the code for all of my Facebook Page boxes and added all boxes as Tabs. I’d urge you to do the same – you never know what Facebook will do next.

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