2011 AdWords API Workshop (Part 1)

By Chris Wilson | Mar 30, 2011
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2011 AdWords API Hack Day

The AdWords API team had a busy March as they traveled to London, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Hamburg and back to New York, discussing the latest changes to the AdWords API. I attended the last stop in New York which turned out to be a great one day event at Google’s New York office with the main AdWords API guys all there (including the guy who has saved me many times in the forums, @EricKoleda). Lot’s of significant changes coming out in v201101 (the new version).  There are two new major API additions (that were partially integrated into the API but are now fully accessible)

AdWords Campaign Experiments (ACE)
AdWords Campaign Experiments create a simple way for you to test out different ad groups, keywords, etc across Search and Content campaigns.  The API will enable you to gather all the report data from these A/B tests to determine tweaks you potentially could make.  Furthermore, you could automate the entire process.  First run an ACE test, use the reporting aspect to measure the effects then adjust bids or pause ad groups (just a couple ideas) all via the API.

Remarketing effectively creates and tags a person who visits your site.  You then can create a campaign that targets those individuals as they browse the rest of the web.  These lists can be as targeted as needed.  The best example is a visitor who browses to your eCommerce site, decides not to buy anything.  Later you run a special on the particular product and decide to advertise to those recent visitors.  By using the API, you can create a remarketing list or use existing remarketing tags and then tie the list to an ad group.  Again the API allows you to automate the entire process and capture the power of behavioral marketing.

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