3 Tips for Facebook Landing Pages

By Renee Revetta | Aug 11, 2010
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You’ve heard about the power of landing pages by now…and if you haven’t here are some Search Marketing Sage posts to help you out. With the freedom of FBML (Facebook Markup Language, which is much like HTML), why not extend your custom designed landing pages to Facebook? There are 500 million people on Facebook, so if you’re already there with a company page, a few improvements could make a difference. Whether you’re seeking to grow your community or close more sales, these three Facebook landing page tips will help.

#1: Keep it simple

If you’re not familiar with landing pages, remember to keep the page conversion-focused. Lead your visitors down the conversion funnel by implementing precise text and graphics designed to do one job and one job only. Remove any unnecessary distractions.

For example, we implemented a general landing page on Facebook to “like” Search Mojo.  For clients (with the help of talented designers and Janet’s coding saavy) we’ve done things like set up “download” landing pages for software clients.

#2: First impressions count

When someone stumbles upon your Facebook page you have a few seconds to make an impact before they either abandon or embrace your page. For general landing page best practices, see Amanda Chaney’s post 4 Best Practices To Use When Analyzing Your Landing Pages.

If your default wall tab streams in blog posts or news and has very little interaction, your wall might not be the best place for potential community members to land. In the matter of 2 minutes you can change your general landing page for non-fans to your custom designed FBML landing page.

If your goal is to grow your community, maybe your landing page could be designed much like Search Mojo’s – to get people to “like” you. If you’d rather send visitors back to your site, use the landing page for just that. Regardless of the goal, make sure you don’t waste your valuable first impression on a stale wall tab.

#3: Stay current

With that, keep your landing page current. Outdated content not only makes you look invalid, but lazy. Check in on your Facebook landing page to make sure the content is relevant on a regular basis. Do so by navigating to your page URL while logged out of Facebook.

Not only should you amend your company’s content as necessary, but also adapt dependent upon Facebook updates.  A couple worth noting:

  • The update from “Become a Fan” terminology to “Like” (I can’t even tell you how many of those I still see).
  • Coming up on August 23, the size limit of the custom FBML pages will decrease from 760 pixels to 520 pixels.
  • Boxes are being deleted this month, too (read more).

Please feel free to share your other tips as comments or reach out to me on Twitter.

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