3 Tips to Get Your LinkedIn Company Page Ready for Potential Customers

By Avelyn Austin | Dec 30, 2010
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Whether you’re a Search Mojo customer, blog reader or a casual browser of the website, you’re probably aware that social media monitoring is included in our search engine optimization service. As part of the social media monitoring, we help clients create key social media profiles that show well within the search results for branded queries.  While our focus is not necessarily to drive traffic to these social media profiles we can’t guarantee that it won’t.  For this reason, among many others, your company should be prepared to receive visitors on your social media profiles and do your best to “make the sale” when they’re there.

Let’s take your company’s LinkedIn page for example, is it ready for a potential customer? If your answer is “No” or better yet “I don’t know”, here are 3 tips to get your LinkedIn company page ready for potential customers.

3 tips to get your LinkedIn company page ready for potential customers

1. Verify that all information is up to date.

Your LinkedIn company page should be treated as an extension of your company website. If information is changed on the website it should also be changed on your LinkedIn page. Consistency is key when it comes to capturing the sale. Things to verify include: logo, contact information, employees, messaging, URLs, etc.

2. Create or Add Your Core Products and/or Services

Recently, LinkedIn gave you the ability to add products and/or services to your company page, so take advantage of it! Add your core products or services and don’t forget to include a picture and description. I’ll reiterate that you should focus on your core products or services on the LinkedIn company page, leave the smaller/upsale products or services for your website or sales reps.

Check out the Search Mojo LinkedIn Services Page.

3. Request Recommendations from Clients and/or Connections

Similar to requesting  a recommendation for your personal LinkedIn page, you can now request a recommendation for your different products or services.  LinkedIn even created a message template that you can use to request the recommendation! Of course you can use the template, but it’s my suggestion that you send a more personalized message to the individual.  After all, you’re requesting that they write a glowing review of your product or service.

Who you reach out to for a recommendation can be anyone with a relation to your product or service which could include happy customers (past and present) or maybe partners who sell or distribute your product or service.

If someone has posted a review/recommendation on your website, try using their quote in your LinkedIn recommendation request message. Simply say, “Hey! You posted this review on our website, would you mind also posting it on our LinkedIn products/services page?”. Don’t forget to include a link or URL to the specific product page that you’re wanting them to post to.  The less work the recommender has to do, the more likely he/she will actually do it.

So there you have it, my 3 tips to get your LinkedIn company page ready for potential customers. Do you have any other recommendations to add? Leave it in the comments section below so everyone can see.

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