6 Tips for a Positive Social Media ROI

By Kaitlyn Smeland Dhanaliwala | Sep 2, 2009
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I first heard about New Orleans pizzeria Naked Pizza in a post by David Wilson, which detailed the extreme way in which the small business has started using Twitter.

First of all, Naked Pizza is pushing its Twitter account on the billboard sign outside its physical location.  That’s pretty serious:

Naked Pizza Twitter billboard

But you don’t have to whitewash your own storefront just yet.  Naked Pizza is a small business focused on a very local market.  But there are a few social media lessons that businesses of all sizes can learn from Naked Pizza:

  1. Post about your special deals.  This strategy can work well for the shop with a follower who’s sitting behind a desk in the office building around the corner and is ready to get out for a lunch break.  But it could also work for any online retailer who wants instant response on a limited-time promotion on-site.  Heck, it could even work for a blogger who is offering prizes for the first few commenters on an important new post.
  2. Don’t JUST post about your special deals. Strictly from my own Twittering experience, please- I beg of you- talk about something else besides promos once in a while.  Don’t get too personal or political, but offer your followers some valuable content even when you’re not explicitly looking for patronage.  Don’t know what to say?  Well, that brings us to the next tip…
  3. Use blog posts to engage your followers…You do have a blog, right? Naked Pizza sells pizza.  And Naked Pizza has a blog.  About pizza.  Their latest post was entitled Pizza Evolutis: How We Created the World’s Healthiest Pizza And Why. Come on- if they can do it, so can you.  Find a niche and write something that will appeal to your customers.  Then Tweet about it!
  4. Don’t forget that social media is…well, social.  Talk to people.  When people start to engage by tweeting a question or making a comment about you, answer them back!  Of course, this means you’ll need to monitor when you’re mentioned.  Renee Revetta offers some great tips on tools to manage your Twitter relationships more effectively.
  5. Know where your sales are coming from.  The ultimate key to investing your time successfully in social media for your business is making sure the investment pays off.  Naked Pizza tracks its online sales from Twitter and knows that their social media efforts are resulting in at least positive ROI.  (Actually, in his first Twitter-exclusive promotion, owner Jeff Leach saw 15% of daily revenues from Twitter,  90% of whom were new customers).  While it is more difficult to track the effect of social media on brand equity and in-store sales, at least track what you can.
  6. Integrate your social media accounts with your website. You might not have a billboard, but you do have a website.  Make sure that wherever people find you, they know how to engage further.
Naked Pizza Website

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