7 Valentines to Make Your SEM Heart Melt

By Sarah Lokitis | Feb 14, 2013
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It’s that time of the year again – Happy Valentines Day! Today, Hallmark reminds us to love one another and be grateful for who we have in our lives. To honor this glorious occasion, the Search Mojo team has dreamed up some stellar pick up lines to celebrate the love in the world of online marketing.

1. Is your call of action for me to fall in love with you? ‘Cause if it is, your conversion rate is 100%.

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Conversion Rate

2. Roses are red, violets are blue, you’re #1 in my heart, and on Google & Bing too!

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Google & Bing

3. I’d Google +1 you any day!

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4. Hey baby, I’m totally LinkedIn to you.

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5. Have you been optimizing? ‘Cause you just jumped to #1 in the first page of my book.

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6. I’ll be there when your rankings are down.

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7. I’m targeting your heart (and retargeting it, too).

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I hope you’ve enjoyed these valentines from the Search Mojo crew. Tweet them and share them with the special someone in your circles. I’m going to enjoy a heart shaped pizza tonight and laugh along with these and other SEO pick up lines online. Have any other great Valentines Cards to add to this list? Share them below or send me a tweet @SearchMojo or @Lokitis!

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