A Lesson about Ad Scheduling from Sesame Street’s Elmo

By Tad Miller | May 17, 2007
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This past weekend I witnessed remarkably well timed marketing at a concert we took my daughter to see. Elmo’s Coloring Book was the show starring Elmo and the whole Sesame Street gang.

Elmo got all the little kiddies in a lather with his song and dance and everything seemed to be building to a crescendo in the middle of the show. Toddlers were yelling and screaming for Elmo! Suddenly, one of the main characters said it was time for a short intermission – and instantly a man carrying about 50 helium filled Mylar balloons shaped into Elmo’s face was standing in the center of the crowd! The house lights came up and every kid in the arena was simultaneously begging their parents for an $8.00 Elmo balloon!

What does this have to do with ad scheduling on PPC? Well every business using PPC advertising has a peak hour of the day when it gets the most impressions, most clicks and most conversions. Run hourly reports on Google Adwords to find out when that time is and consult yor web analitics. You need to know what time the peak hour is and need to have maximum visibility at that time. If you eat up too much of your daily budget from midnight to 2AM you won’t have the full ability advertise in that peak hour. Don’t get caught without your Elmo balloons ready to sell!

From what I could see that guy sold every single $8.00 balloon.

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