Adwords Editor 10.0: Making Your Transition to Enhanced Campaigns Less Painful

By Scott Garrett | Mar 18, 2013
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With last month’s arrival of enhanced campaigns for Adwords comes this month’s release of an update for Adwords Editor. The newest update for Adwords Editor is Version 10.0 that supports the newly-created enhanced campaigns. Whether you like enhanced campaigns or not, the newest version of Adwords Editor will make it easier for you to implement and make bulk changes.  This update in Adwords Editor is a clear sign that Google is continuing to push for the use of enhanced campaigns. Therefore, you better hop on the bandwagon now to ensure that when the mandatory switchover date does come, you are not left behind in the dust trying to figure out how to use enhanced campaigns.

Adwords Enhanced Campaigns

Version 10.0 has some nifty new and updated features that will make editing your enhanced campaigns much easier. The update allows you to upgrade legacy campaigns to enhanced campaigns, either in bulk or individually. You can independently adjust campaign-level mobile bids for each of your enhanced campaigns, allowing you greater control over bids for campaigns that serve ads to mobile devices. For example, if you see that your ads have the highest conversion rate on mobile devices, then mobile impressions/clicks are much more valuable to you than computer or tablet impressions/clicks. To take advantage of this, you can set the mobile bid adjustment to +100%, thereby doubling your bids for mobile ad auctions in the hopes of capturing more impressions/clicks on mobile devices.

Mobile Bid Adjustment | Adwords Editor

You can also make bid adjustments by location. For instance, if you discover that searchers in Colorado convert more often than searchers in any other state, you can make bid adjustments accordingly to capture more impressions/clicks from that high converting location.  Bid adjustments are a neat tool, but beware of just increasing your bids to capture more impressions and clicks. You also need to make sure your ads have a good quality score, because throwing more money at Google in the form of higher bids can only help you so much.

In addition to mobile and location bid adjustment for campaigns, you can now set your device preferences for your ads. This allows you to show ads, within the same ad group, optimized for mobile only on mobile devices, and all other regular ads to be shown on desktop and tablet. This feature is available for most ad formats including: text, dynamic search, image, and display ads.

Do not fear – the display network was not forgotten by Adwords Editor Version 10.0. The newly created “Flexible reach” setting under the ad group level allows you to choose how you would like to show your ads on the Display Network. You can choose by placements, topics, interests/remarketing, gender, and age.

Flexible Reach | Adwords Editor

The newest update to Adwords Editor will prove to be quite handy when making the transition from the “old” legacy campaigns to the newly created enhanced campaigns.  Adwords Editor has always proved to be a useful tool to make bulk changes and edits that would otherwise be too time consuming within the online Adwords interface. With the passing of St. Patrick’s Day and the luck of the Irish escaping us all, maybe Adwords Editor Version 10.0 will be your lucky four-leaf clover to helping you better manage your transition to enhanced campaigns.

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