"Adwords Editor 101" Webinar Recording

By Mark Browner | Feb 2, 2011
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This week I did a quick webinar about AdWords Editor.  The purpose of this webinar was to teach advertisers about the advantages of AdWords Editor. It is important for anyone doing Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising to have an understanding of exactly what Editor is and how it works. Editor is a tool that makes every aspect of managing a PPC account easier.  Specific topics covered in the webinar were:

– What is AdWords Editor
– Advantages of using AdWords Editor
– Navigation of AdWords Editor
– Creating Campaigns and Ad Groups in Editor
– Creating and Editing Ad Copy
– Making Multiple Changes in Editor

Here is a recording of the webinar. Feel free to tweet any questions or comments using the hashtag #EditorMojo.

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  • http://theresabclarke.com Theresa Clarke

    Thank you for producing such an informative webinar about the AdWords Editor.