Adwords Introduces Shared Budgets Across Multiple Campaigns

By Casey Davenport | Sep 26, 2012
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Google AdWords recently introduced a new budgeting feature called “Shared Budgets”. Using shared budgets, you can create one shared budget across multiple campaigns, in turn negating their campaign-level budgets.

This new feature offers a nice level of flexibility when it comes to allocating funds across campaigns that are limited by budget some days and don’t come close to their maximum spend on others. By pooling these lower trafficked campaigns into one shared budget, the available budget that didn’t get spent by your Doggy Bow-Tie campaign can be used by the Doggy Sweater campaign that was having an unusually good day!

Adwords shared budgets

Important Considerations

While there are situations where shared budgets can simplify the budgeting process and optimize daily clicks, remember to consider the following before combining campaigns into a shared budget:

  • Shared budget funds are allocated among campaigns on a first come, first serve basis, so those campaigns that spend quickly could take up the entire days budget!
  • The ability to manage budget on a campaign-level allows you to allocate more budget dollars to those campaigns with a high ROI. When deciding if you want to utilize shared budgets, think about whether it will ultimately lead to optimization of account performance.

Has AdWords Budget Sharing improved your budgeting process? Let me know in the comments below or find me on Twitter at @CaseyDavenport.

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