Increase In-Store Sales with New AdWords Offer Extensions

By Sarah Bonner | Mar 26, 2013
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Google AdWords has introduced another exciting product in the long line of updates coming with the new Enhanced Campaigns rollout. One of the new, potentially phenomenal, features currently in a limited release is Offer Extensions. Offer Extensions allow businesses to add a promotion or offer at the end of their AdWords ads. Customers will click on the offer and be taken to a Google hosted landing page where they can either print the coupon or save it for later in Google Offers. Here’s what it will look like:

Google Offer Extensions

Cost & Benefits

Costs for Offer Extensions are the same as traditional clicks, so advertisers can look to Offers for a low-cost way to spread the word about certain promotions or sales. This could be potential competition for the likes of Groupon and LivingSocial, who have high cost for businesses as they take a large percentage of the revenue made with their deals. Offer Extensions provides simple, low cost alternative that could drive traffic, as Google so often reminds us, of people who are actually looking for related products. If advertisers start using Offer Extensions on a mass scale, it could be huge for businesses and customers!

Not only do they drive traffic to the store, but Offer Extensions can also provide advertisers with an offline form of conversion tracking for online customers who become in-store customers. Once the customer hands over their printed coupon, businesses can scan the coupon and input that customer’s information into their database.

Setting It Up

To set up Offer Extensions, you first need an Enhanced Campaign. Once you have created an Enhanced Campaign, or upgraded to it, go to the Ad Extensions tab, and select the Offer Extensions view.

Offer Extensions Arrow

Click “Create New Extension” and fill in the appropriate details. For these offers, you will need to input the offer headline, redemption and distribution dates, the promotion code (to scan in-store), and details like how to redeem and terms and conditions.

Offer Extensions Form

Offer extensions can be done at the campaign level or the ad group level, so it is important to remember to make your offer relevant to the level you choose.

The offer will only show if your ads are in one of the top three positions, above the natural search results. If your ad position is already high, adding Offer Extensions can help capitalize on the great ad position by giving searchers more incentive to click and taking up more actual space on the search engine results page (SERP).

These Offer Extensions will be a great way to further entice searchers to not only click through to your site, but potentially drive foot traffic to the store (and buy things with their new-found coupons!).

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