All in a Day’s “Something”: Here are a Couple of SEO Tidbits and a Minor Rant

By Catherine Potts | Jul 14, 2008
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As I go into more detail down below, this week has been a struggle to figure out what to write. I’ve literally spent way too much time trying to figure out how I feel about what’s going on in the world of SEO. Quite honestly, this week… I have no opinion. It’s sad really. Here are some tidbits and a view inside my less than successful week at blogging. Sorry!


  • Debra over at The Link Spiel asks Matt Cutts if the first anchor text link really is the only link Google will pass pagerank on. From what I can tell, he never really answers her question. Just one of those non-answer answers so he might not have to really answer answers. Others ask if you nofollow the first one but not the second, does the first one get skipped and the second one count? Or does the placement on the page, higher up in the code, matter the most?

There is so much discussion on it I’m not really sure what to make of it. One would think Matt could provide a clearer answer then he did. It’d save everyone a lot of time spent on speculation. However, I found the SEO Scientist’s breakdown far easier to digest (don’t forget my weakened state this week). When the SEO Scientist pulled a switcheroo on the anchor text link position on his test sites he found that it was indeed the anchor text at the top of the page’s code that ranked in the SERPs.

The Scientist went on to say:

“However, one question that kept popping up is whether nofollowing the first link will cause Google to index the second link even though it is placed lower in the code. So i performed an identical test to the one described above, just with the first link nofollowed throughout the test. The results are pretty interesting – Google did not change its behavior due to the nofollow attribute applied on the top link.

Even when i switched between the first and the second link (preserving the state where the top link is nofollowed), Google still counted only the top link and not the bottom one.”

I guess the mystery is solved? Why can’t Matt Cutts just give us a clear answer? Perhaps I’m being too hard on him but it’s a source of great controversy and really, so much time could be saved.

  • OMG! Sugarrae found a video that nails how I feel about how some people use Twitter. It can get beyond ridiculous how often people update and what they update about. I just don’t care about the fact that you’re going to eat a sandwich!

Oh Say Can You SEO As I Fry?

So as I sit here in my cottage (yesterday actually) and fry in the heat of Denver (my rear is the hottest part) I’m trying to come-to and start a discussion on something SEO. Oh whatever shall it be? So hard some weeks! This week I’m uninspired b/c of the heat. MY GOD THE HEAT! (Seinfeld reference for those who know.) Just gimme a breeze… please!

Just so you know (all you lucky people with AC) I don’t have air conditioning. I do reside in a cute little cottage in the city, built in the 1920s. Does the cuteness of the cottage make up for the fact it’s hotter than hell here today? No.
In this place I call home (for now at least) and use as a home office, I have my two dogs (Scout and Buck) and one kitty (Sophie). One can gauge the heat based on how the kitty is lying and where. If she’s lying on the hardwood floor, belly up, you know it’s hot. She’s getting low where it’s cooler. That’s bad news for me cuz I can only get so low.

The news said it got up to 99 degrees today. Some people reported 104 degrees at their homes. AH… but it’s a dry heat, right? Doesn’t matter. Today, global warming is alive and frying my little piece of earth.

How to fry an egg on a sidewalk:

What you need:

• 1 egg-CHECK!
• 1 strip of tinfoil (the size must cover that of a small frying pan)-WHATEVER!
• Cement pad (garage driveway or sidewalk)-CHECK!
• A hot sunny day!-Double triple quad CHECK!
• Adult helper-CHECK!

Be sure to clean up your mess after you are done.

* Make sure to protect yourself from the sun. Remember to “Slip, Slap, Slop” – Slip on a T-shirt, Slap on a hat and Slop on the sunscreen.

Does your ice cream ever make your mouth so cold that you can’t even taste it anymore?

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