Are You Mobile? Using Enhanced Campaigns to Optimize Ads for Mobile

By Scott Garrett | Apr 17, 2013
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Enhanced campaigns for Google Adwords were introduced just over two months ago now, and are Google’s answer to the increase in searchers using mobile devices to search for products and services online.

Why Advertise on Mobile?

With the increase in searchers using mobile devices, it has become clear that businesses need to adapt their online strategy. Businesses should commit more of their resources to mobile advertising; specifically pay-per-click search advertising or they will lose out in reaching their target market in the ever changing world of online advertising.

Google is continuing to add new features to entice advertisers to make the switch to enhanced campaigns sooner rather than later. The new enhanced campaigns have been met with varied reactions, but advertisers would be smart to adapt to enhanced campaigns soon, as Google will begin to automatically upgrading all Adwords campaigns to enhanced campaigns starting on July 22th.

Enhanced Campaigns Upgrade

New to Enhanced Campaigns:

One of the newest updates to enhanced campaigns that Google is using to lure advertisers to their early adoption revolves around bid management for mobile devices.

Currently, only a campaign-level mobile bid adjustment is available for enhanced campaigns. It enables advertisers to easily adjust bids on mobile devices by allowing them to increase or decrease mobile bids by a percentage. For example, a campaign-level mobile bid adjust of 100% would double the bid for all keywords in a particular campaign when a searcher is using a mobile device.

Mobile Bid Adjustment | Enhanced Campaigns

While this does make it easier to optimize bids for mobile devices, it also makes it easier for you to throw good money at bad keywords. This occurs when a keyword may convert well on desktop search, but then does not convert well on mobile search.

To combat this problem, last week Google announced they would be releasing ad group-level mobile bid adjustments. This update will be available to all advertisers by the middle of May.

Ad group-level mobile bid adjustments will allow you to further control and refine your bids on mobile devices. You will find this update particularly useful if you have large scale campaigns containing many ad groups. For example, say you are a storefront retailer with a brand campaign that has multiple ad groups containing variations of brand related keywords. You might find that your keywords within your brand + “location name” ad group convert very well on mobile searches. To take advantage of these keywords, you will now be able to use the new ad group-level mobile bid adjustment to bid higher on the keywords specifically within the brand + “location name” ad group, thereby, increasing your ad position and hopefully receiving more clicks.

The most important take away from the new ad group-level mobile bid adjustments is that they allow you to choose on an ad group basis whether you want to increase or decrease mobile bids for keywords. In the long run, this freedom of choice will enable you to decrease your overall cost-per-click on mobile devices by allowing you pick and choose how you want to optimize (or not optimize) each ad group for mobile search.

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