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By Des Taggart | Aug 7, 2007
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Back to school we go … The world of SEO and PPC is an evolving pandora’s box when it comes to mastering Landing Pages. What are the goals for each SEO/PPC company? What are the goals of each and every client currently on board and those who hide in the shadows awaiting that perfect pitch from someone–that company who can in-turn listen to client’s needs, mold thoughts, enhance brand and solidify goals …

Conversion, boys and girls, is where it all begins. One of the main outlining thoughts to achieving that perfect GPA in landing page success is establishing a landing page that successfully responds with response … I’m sure english professors are wanting to slap me on the wrist with that ruler! Respond with response–is to establish a message that is clear and concise … direct and to the point. Respond with response is to answer questions before they’re asked.

Keep it simple stupid … Less is more … the simplicities of a landing page 90% of the time speak volumes to the needs and immediate requirements for a visitor who hits your landing page. Students … for the first time, I’m allowing you to utilize the idea of “cliff notes”. That’s right, cliff notes!

Landing pages are not and should not be a novel! Get to the point with dedicated brand establishment. Never leave a question in your visitor’s mind as to who the client is and/or what they’re learning about. Summarize the key points/goals to what you and your client needs to convert. Understand your audience. Are you writing a book report to an audience that has one interest–perhaps ecommerce? For instance if in fact you’re trying to establish an ecommerce solution where the goal(s) of the client is to convert for sales, then landing pages should not only be to-the-point, but look and achieve a totally trustworthy approach. Is your client looking for true measurement of visits and collection of visitor information? Forms … Forms are in many cases a necessity for collecting information. Kids, do you want to fill out a form that has 12 fields or a form of 5 fields? The number one reason for abandonment of a landing page is an overload or saturation of information–a close second is the overuse of extraneous form fields.

The quick 5 study habits …

  1. Brand identity
  2. Understand audience
  3. Eliminate extraneous elements
  4. Important elements “above the fold”
  5. Conversion focus … test, test, test!

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