Behavioral Advertising: Oh, You Know Me So Well!

By Justin Champion | Aug 16, 2011
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After 2 grueling weeks of cramming my things into boxes and bags, not fitting my living room set up my stairwell, and attaching a rope to my box spring and  hoisting it up my fire escape (thanks again stairwell!), I finally am settled in at my new apartment. Ahh… feels good! However, once unpacked and organized, I couldn’t help but notice how empty and bare my walls were. Seeing the need to become an art enthusiast, I turned to Google to help me find some potential vendors to buy from. behavioral advertising

After much consideration, I found that not only had the better deals, but also was fairly simple to navigate on. However, because I want larger prints (38″ x 51″) for my place, I could only afford to purchase one and frame it. I figure it’s an investment where I can build my collection over time.

Funny thing, it hasn’t even been a week and I’m fairly certain I got my next two prints picked out. Why? Because does a fantastic job of remarketing products to me. behavioral advertising

How do they do this? They simply collect data on the information that interests me on their site and place a cookie file on my computer. In this case, me looking for Leonetto Cappiello’s Parapluie-Revel, gave information on what types of art that would be appealing to me. This way can create the most specific ads according to my buying and search habits. When done correctly, it can be done very effective (look at me, I’m hooked).

One major reason why I like’s display ads are because they’re dynamic, not static. So instead of seeing one or two items from Cappiello that might interest me, I get more of a slide show reel–very similar to the spinning wheel on the Price is Right. And it works!

Again, the trick with behavioral advertising is to create display ads that are very relevant to a user’s search habits. If they looked for it once, then there’s a good chance they’ll look for it again. This is where you, the advertiser/marketer, come in.

What types of remarketing campaigns have had an effect on you?






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