Best Week Ever: Social Media Style

By Renee Revetta | Jan 8, 2010
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For those that missed it, here’s the news, hilarity and downright craziness of this week in the world of social media.

“Twilebrity” coined by Vanity Fair

Ok, really? Twilebrity? I have to say, I was excited about the exposure for women in social media, but was left disappointed by the substance (or lack thereof?) of the article.

Felicia Day tweeted: “It was an honor to be included in the picture, but I can’t disagree w/these pts re: Vanity Fair article

She linked to the GeekWeek article, which states:

“It so happens that they are nice girls–the Internet’s equivalent of a telephone chat line staffed by a bunch of cheerleaders”
I…what? I’m sorry, did Vanity Fair just refer to six successful women who have worked very, very hard to achieve success as “a bunch of cheerleaders who chat” WTF VF?”

Day also wrote about her disappointment on her blog.

You’ve got Ma-shable…Maybe?

Rumors were flying on Wednesday that the giant planned to buy Mashable. Twitter was in an uproar about the topic. Techie Biz put it this way:

“Do you think Mashable will be able to sustain their independent and unbiased opinions after being owned by a giant like Aol? Should internet companies like Aol, Google, Microsoft own such blogs at all? How would you feel if Microsoft goes out and buy TechCrunch?”

But recently, Pete Cashmore wrote to put the community as ease:

“We’re very open to partnerships and always talk with those that get in touch.  We’ve certainly spoken to lots of potential partners, some of those conversations more significant than others.  But I don’t feel that any of those conversations reached a point at which Mashable is likely to cease being independent.”

We’ll keep a close watch as the rest of the details shake out as the result will clearly impact SEO and social media, two of our favorite things.

Foursquare for all…now what?

After I requested the addition of Charlottesville, Virginia multiple times, I guess Foursquare got sick of it and opened it up to everyone so I would let them alone :)

Although there seemed to be some problems earlier in the week with badges, things should be good to go today.  Now countless newbies are adding friends, checking in and attempting to become Mayor all over the world.  Sure, it’s a fun way to find friends and discover social hot spots, but don’t forget about it for business usage. From Starbucks to client meetings to conferences, there are countless possibilities for those in the business world, not just for those at bars.

Hopped up on Caffeine

Is it live, is it not?

People vote @aplusk for fave web celeb

The People’s Choice awards aired Wednesday evening, and Ashton Kutcher beat out Andy Samberg, Miley Cyrus, P. Diddy, and Will Ferrell for favorite web celeb.  Kutcher used Ustream to stream live video from the event, saying he “couldn’t get an award for web celeb without being live on the web.”

Ashton Kutcher wins a People’s Choice Award *LIVE on Ustream*

PR firm for Palin

No, not Sarah, Bristol Palin, and her firm will be called BSMP LLC (her initials…original).

“Bristol Palin provides public relations services and is currently an ambassador for the Candie’s Foundation. The Candie’s Foundation is a pro-abstinence organization. ”

Heh. Couldn’t resist, but best of luck to her as she begins her journey into the PR world.

Check back next Friday for another recap of the week’s activities!

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