Better Insight to Conversion Paths with AdWords Search Funnels

By Amanda Sides | Mar 24, 2010
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Just announced, Google is launching a new AdWords reporting feature – AdWords Search Funnels. The new option will give advertisers more insight into what keywords are driving conversions.

AdWords Search Funnel shows you all the keywords that assisted in conversion made through Google AdWords, rather than just the last one before a buy or conversion action. – Barry Schwartz

Previously, the way Google reported was by showing you the last keyword that drove the conversion. Sometimes, a searcher may not convert on their initial search, but come back a few days or weeks later and complete the conversion. This new reporting feature will give advertisers more insight into the search path the searcher took to convert.

A search funnel starts when a user clicks on your ad; search activity is then tracked over the next 30 days. Google will report which keywords the searcher used that brought up your ad, even if they did not click on it. If the searcher eventually clicks the ad and converts, the search funnel report is created.

To be able to run this report…

  • …you must have conversion tracking code implemented.
  • …the searcher must actually convert.
  • …the searcher must click on the ad.

The new Google AdWords Search Funnels reporting feature will be rolled out over the course of the next few weeks. For more information on the new Google AdWords Search Funnel Reporting Feature, see Barry Schwartz’s post: Google AdWords Search Funnels Launched: See All The Keywords That Led To Conversions.

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