Bid Management Made Easy with AdWords Automated Rules

By Mark Browner | Jun 21, 2011
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A vital part managing a PPC account is constantly doing bid management. Depending on how many keywords are in a given account, bid management can become a very tedious task. Some of the campaigns that I manage have so many keywords that I have had to call Google and have them increase the keyword limits on my account. As a PPC manager, I am always looking for ways to make managing my account more efficient. One tool that I have recently done research on is Google AdWords Automated Rules.

What is AdWords Automated Rules?

A tool in AdWords that allows advertisers to automate changes to specific area of an account based on chosen criteria. When it comes to bid management in particular, automated rules allow advertisers to modify the Maximum Cost-Per-Click (Max CPC) bid based on certain requirements. The automated action can be set to be dependent on the following requirements:

  • Cost
  • Average CPC
  • Average CPM
  • Cost/Conversions
  • CTR
  • Average Position
  • Clicks
  • Impressions
  • Conversions
  • Conversion Rate
  • Ad group
  • Campaign
  • Max. CPC
  • Keyword test
  • Status
  • Quality Score
  • Match type

Bids can be raised or lowered based on either a desired percentage or a dollar amount. A maximum dollar amount can be set to ensure you never go over a certain CPC. The last step is choosing how often the changes occur.

There are endless options of Automated Rules that could be set for bid management. Automated Rules should be set up based on your advertising goals and what you are trying to optimize for.

Examples of Automated Rules

If you want to be more competitive for keywords with a certain CTR: you can set an automated rule to raise bids 10% when the CTR for the keyword is greater than 1.2%. with a maximum bid of $20.00 where the change occurs every Wednesday at 4:00pm. 

If you want to gain a higher Average Position: you can set an automated rule to raise bids $0.55 when the Average Position of a keyword is worse than postion 7 with a maximum bid of $15.00 where the change to occurs everyday at 9:00am.

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