Big Changes for Google AdWords Call Metrics to Come

By Amanda Sides | May 2, 2011
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Anyone tried to sign-up for access to Google AdWords Call Metrics lately?  Did you have problems?  That’s because they’ve locked up the system until the launch on or after May 16.  On May 16 (or soon after), Call Metrics, formerly available in a limited release to advertisers who specifically requested the feature through AdWords Ad Innovations, will be available to all advertisers.  I spoke with AdWords reps last week, and until the launch, if you don’t already have access to the feature, you won’t be able to get it.

The Launch.

Last week, Google AdWords sent an update via email to all advertisers who have at least one campaign with Call Metrics enabled.  If you don’t currently have access to AdWords Call Metrics, unfortunately you’ll have to wait until May 16th (or later) to take advantage of this feature.

Call Metrics Update


Excited about the official roll-out?  You may be kicking yourself after you finish reading this section for not using it for the past few months. One of the main “pros” to the call tracking feature is that it was FREE. Enabling Call Metrics for your AdWords campaigns would not cost you any extra, and you still received the extra data and reporting.  The pricing update announced in last week’s email revealed that the any calls manually dialed from ads showing on desktop or laptop computers would result in a charge of $1.00 per call.  (To be honest… I saw this coming.)  If the call comes in from ads showing on “high-end mobile devices” will not incur the charge.  So if someone clicks-to-call from an ad on their phone, the advertiser will not be charged the extra fee.

The main question I have now is, will the feature be expanded to more than just the campaign-level, and will any extra reporting features be available now that it’s going to cost you?

What’s to Come?

The Google AdWords team says that in the future, using Call Metrics will influence your Ad Rank, which in turn will affect your ad position and CPC (Cost-Per-Click).  Advertisers will also have the ability to adjust bids for calls, similar to the way you can adjust your max CPC bid currently.


So, now that you’ve seen the updates, has your opinion changed regarding AdWords Call Metrics?  Are you disappointed or excited about the new updates?  If you’ve been using the feature in beta for a while now, will you continue using it? Let me know what you think (@amandadchaney on Twitter or leave your comments below); I’m anxious to see how advertisers feel about the changes coming soon.

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    Does this mean that I will have to pay for both the Click as well as the Call? For instance, a prospect decides to click on my Ad which has Call metrics enabled, and as a result the call is routed to my official business phone number. Now in such a case will I pay only $1 for the call initiated or $1 for call + the CPC for the keyword as well?