Bing Ads Client-Agency Relationship Problems & Solutions

By Amanda Sides | Sep 19, 2012
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So, by now if you advertise through Bing you should have heard about the branding switch from “Microsoft adCenter” to “Bing Ads.” The very first issue we ran into was the simultaneous hiring of a few new Account Managers that we needed to add to our “client center.” As far as I can tell, it looks like the process is the same as it used to be to create a client-agency relationship. They’ve updated their process for the new branding in the Support Center.

For detailed instructions, you can also see my post from last year, How To: Set Up an adCenter “Client-Agency Relationship,” as not much has changed since then.

The first thing you’ll notice about Bing Ads is a new login screen, streamlining Bing’s properties a little more. However, there are a few other updates to the layout and look and feel of the actual interface once you login. The one I’ll be addressing today is in regards to the client-agency relationship feature, otherwise referred to as the “Bing client center.”


Once you login, navigate to the Accounts & Billing tab. You’ll see a screen that may look a smidge different than you are used to. From there you would go to the Users section, and follow the directions to add or invite a new user. This is the same process you used in the past. The only main difference is the user types.

Old Options:

  • Advertiser Campaign Manager: Manages selected advertiser accounts.
  • Super Admin: Full control and access to all Business Accounts.
  • Client Admin: Manages all aspects of client accounts. (You can select which accounts the user can access.)
  • Client Viewer: Access to view, but not change, client accounts.
New Options:
  • Advertiser Campaign Manager: Can see and manage a selected set of advertiser accounts.
  • Super Admin: Has full access and permissions for all accounts associated with your customer ID.

The problem here is, we had to set our Account Managers as a Client Admin in the past in order for them to actually have the access to client accounts we needed them to… Now, that user type is no longer an option. We tried one of the available types, but, alas, to no avail.

Another problem we faced was we couldn’t have consistent user types, as we couldn’t choose another user type for existing Account Managers, and we couldn’t choose an older type for the new guys.

The MAIN issue though was no matter what we chose, we couldn’t get the new employees access to client accounts. Big problem there. So we resorted to some more troubleshooting…

The next step in the right direction involved reverting the interface back to the old version so we could create new users there. Once we got the new users created we thought we had found success, until they tried actually managing an account and it just kept redirecting them back to the Accounts & Billing screen for the client center hub.


What ultimately ended up working was reverting to the old version and instead of creating a new user profile, we had to invite a new user. This means we had to get the new guys to create a Microsoft account to be able to proceed accepting the user invitation to the client center.

We found this worked as a work-around for now, but one day when they don’t let you access the old version anymore, we’ll have to come up with a new plan.

Let me know if you are experiencing similar issues or if you have found any alternative solutions for this issue by reaching out to me on Twitter @amanda_sides.

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