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By Avelyn Austin | Aug 19, 2009
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Being a fan of the artsy Google logos that show up from time to time on the Google homepage, I have to admit that I’m also a fan of the fact that Bing changes its homepage image on a daily basis.  The thing I like most about the Bing daily images, however, are the four Hotspots.  What are Hotspots?  Everyday Bing has the standard navigation on the left hand side for Images, Videos, Shopping, News, Maps, and Travel, but if you move your mouse slowly over the image you’ll notice small squares that cause text boxes to pop open on the page.  These small squares are the Bing Hotspots and they provide background information on the day’s image.  Let’s take today’s Bing image for example.  When you first land on the Bing homepage this is what you see:

Bing Homepage

However, when you slowly move your mouse over the image you’ll see Bing Hotspot 1:

Bing Hotspot 1

Bing Hotspot 2:

Bing Hotspot 2

Bing Hotspot 3:

Bing Hotsot 3

And Bing Hotspot 4:

Bing Hotspot 4

Pretty cool, right?  You’ll also notice that within each Hotspot information box you’ll find a hyperlink that will take you to even more information.  Are you interested in seeing what previous Hotspots have been?  According to the Bing Search Blog:

“If you missed the previous day’s image (or just wnat to see it again) click the arrows next to the copyright symbol to scroll through the past 7 days of hompages.  You can interact with each page just as you could when it originally appeared (you do need to have Silverlight installed in order to use the archive.”

Happy Hotspotting!

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