Biography Channel Piece on “The Google Guys”

By Janet Driscoll Miller | May 3, 2007
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Last night I watched a program I Tivo’ed earlier in the week on the Biography channel about Sergey Brin and Larry Page — the Google Guys. The piece was filmed in 2004, so it was slightly dated, but all in all, the Biography channel did a nice job of updating the latest news with Google, ending the segment with the news from late last year of the YouTube acquisition.

 The piece focused very heavily on Google itself, however, and less on the guys and their backgrounds. More than 25% of the show discussed Google AdWords, how it works, and why online businesses love it. Although, I did enjoy this, because it explained what SEM and SEO are in layman’s terms, so maybe my sweet mother-in-law can tell her friends what my husband and I do for a living!

Also featured were several SEO/SEM industry experts, such as John Battelle, who I thought did the best job of discussing the business challenges facing Google as it faces rapid growth as a company.

If you get a chance to watch it, you should.  It made me feel like SEO/SEM has gone mainstream!

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