Coming Soon to Your Google AdWords: Bid-Per-Call

By Avelyn Austin | Nov 1, 2011
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According to Google, any day now advertisers will receive access to its new AdWords bid-per-call feature, we here at Search Mojo are just starting to see it appear within our clients’ accounts and boy are we excited!

Haven’t heard about bid-per-call or why you should be excited about it too? Read more to find out.

About bid-per-call?

Google AdWords bid-per-call feature will work very similar to the traditional pay-per-click feature where advertisers can decide the maximum amount of money they’re willing to spend per call. With the bid-per-call feature, advertisers will influence the position of their ad on the results page by both their maximum bid-per-click (CPC) and their maximum bid-per­-call (CPP).

Unlike the traditional pay-per-click feature, however, there is a minimum bid-per-call (CPP) of $1. For those that are not familiar with old/current call metrics pricing every call costs the advertiser $1.

Why you should be excited?

Before I get into the whats and hows of AdWords’ bid-per-call feature, let’s discuss why you should be excited about it! As mentioned within the previous section, an advertiser’s bid-per-call (CPP) and phone call Quality Score will be factored in when determining their Ad Rank. Therefore, the advertiser will have more control over where their ad/phone number appears on the results page.  If an advertiser knows that a particular set of keywords drives valuable conversions (leads, sales, etc.) they may now choose to have a higher bid-per-call (CPP) in order to move their ad to a higher position, increasing their chances of being seen and then called. This is especially good for advertisers that do their “selling” and/or “up-selling” over the phone.

In order to use the AdWords bid-per-call feature, you’ll need to activate call extensions and use a Google forwarding number. This will also allow you to attain detailed call reporting including:

  • Cost, completed calls, and phone-through-rate (PTR) summaries at the ad group and campaign level
  • Call-by-call detail including call time, duration, and caller area code

Once you have call extensions set up and have access to the bid-per-call feature, you’ll be able to add unique maximum bids-per-call (CPP) at the ad group level. Until a maximum CPP above $1 has been added, the traditional call metrics $1 fee will apply per call.

Google AdWords Bid-Per-Call (CPP)

When will it show up in your Google AdWords account?

Last Tuesday, Google Inside AdWords said that the bid-per-call feature would be rolled out gradually over the next few weeks, but only within the US and UK.We’ll keep you updated on the tips and tricks that we discover after using, testing and mastering the new feature.  In the meantime, have you received the new AdWords bid-per-call feature? If so, what are your first impressions?

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