Content Marketing World 2012: Are You a Content Marketer?

By Kari Rippetoe | Sep 6, 2012
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Content Marketing World 2012 Mitch Joel keynote slide

Slide from Mitch Joel’s keynote at Content Marketing World 2012. Yes, that says “sex with data.”

Hi, I’m Kari, and I’m new here at Search Mojo. In my new role as Content Marketing Manager, I’ll be helping to create content marketing strategies that drive search marketing success for clients. So, for my first week at Search Mojo, I’m here at Content Marketing World soaking in all the content marketing goodness so we can implement effective programs for Search Mojo clients.

Did I say “content marketing” in that first paragraph enough?

I’ve actually been asked a few times by other attendees if I’ve ever been in content marketing roles before this one. Which I think is a funny question, actually – isn’t content marketing part of what we, as marketers, already do? Does someone have to be in a “content marketing role” to be involved in content marketing?

Of course not! Joe Pulizzi of the Content Marketing Institute shared an interesting statistic with us during a morning keynote: 91% of marketers are doing content marketing in some way. Whether or not you know it or think otherwise, you’re already doing content marketing. If content isn’t already a big part of your marketing mix, then what are you doing? Content drives every other piece of marketing we do, whether search, e-mail, social media or even offline. And you don’t even need a fancy-schmancy title like “Content Marketing Manager.”

This is a major underlying theme that has run through my Content Marketing World experience so far, which I keep in mind in every session I attend. Here’s a rundown of other key takeaways from my first day here:

  • Mitch Joel (@mitchjoel): Deliver value and create utility with your content. Figure out how to turn passive media into active media (content that drives people to engage or act).
  • Jay Baer (@jaybaer):  Content helps achieve business objectives, not content objectives. The goal is not to be good at content, it’s to be good at business because of content.
  • Todd Wheatland (@toddwheatland): Amongst other really useful video marketing tactics he talked about (which I promise I’ll take you through in another blog post), the biggest piece of knowledge I took away was repurposing old content by adding new video components. What a great idea!

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Is content marketing part of what you do? If you need some pointers, make sure you catch our upcoming free webinar ”How Content Marketing Drives Search and ROI Success” on September 20th, with me and Janet Driscoll Miller. Find out more and register here. 

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