#ConvCon NY: How to Better Persuade Visitors to Convert

By Amanda Sides | Oct 19, 2011
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Kate O’Neill, [meta]marketer, talks about how to persuade visitors to convert through empathy, caring and emotion.

Don’t just focus on Conversion Optimization

When you simply focus on optimizing conversions, you are missing out on so many people who could have potentially converted, but in the end, did not. You’ll never convince EVERYONE to buy, so figure out who to focus on. Develop “empathetic segmentation.” Segment your visitors, and figure out what the best strategy is for measuring results. Kate states that empathy is typically overlooked in the leap from what your company needs (more sales), to the actual web action (getting the customer to the shopping cart).

Don’t Forget that the Analytics are Actual People

Yes, you analyze the analytics on a daily basis. Don’t lose sight of the fact that the analytics is compiled from actions of actual people. After you segment the data, if they didn’t convert or if they abandoned, try to find the answer to why they took that action. There was a reason. Try to ask yourself “Why?” anytime you see data that you don’t like, and find a solution for that segment. What can you change on your site to better appeal to them, making them more likely to convert?

Use Relevant Messaging, Navigation, & Actions to Motivate Users to Convert

Use consistent messaging across your site, and show offers and content similar to what they’ve already shown interest in. In your shopping cart, show related products.  It may not seem empathetic, but they’ll feel you understand what they are in the market for, and really have a need for, and will be more likely to buy another product, or return later to buy something else.

Here should be your process to better empathize and appeal to your visitors:

Hypothesize > Test > Evaluate > Target > Refine & Restrategize

Now, go take a look at your website, and see if you’ve been overlooking empathizing with your visitors. You could be missing out on a lot if it’s not there.

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