#ConvCon NY: How to Have a Bigger Impact with A|B Testing

By Amanda Sides | Oct 19, 2011
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Ben Jesson, Conversion Rate Experts, explains how you can immerse yourself in the product you are selling, the people who sell it, and the people who buy it to find out what you should be changing and incorporating into your testing to positively impact your bottom line.

Biggest Mistake Most People Make When Split-Testing

Garbage In, Garbage Out – even if it’s optimized garbage. Be sure you are testing quality content. You don’t want to spin your wheels figuring out which version is best when it’s content is all garbage.

Keep your head up when you are undergoing A|B split tests. Sometimes you are going to be testing small changes, and it’s going to take a long time to see the results. With that in mind, try to test bold, dramatic changes. It will be more fun and you’ll see the results faster.

What can we learn from Robert DeNiro? Try putting yourself in your customers’ shoes. Try “Method Marketing.” Go out and use the product you are trying to market. Don’t just use it once, see it how potential customers do. Immerse yourself in the process. You’ll have a better understanding of the experience and process the users go through when using that service or product. You may come up with a great idea for new content, assets or just positioning of what you already have to make the process more clear and easy.

Hangout with Prospects and Customers

Go out and have a personal conversation with the people you sell to. Speak to them about your site, products, etc. Once you do that, you might find out that you should be displaying entirely different content on your site, or displaying it in a different way. If you sell international cell phones and cell phone plans, go hangout at international airports. You’ll find a ton of prospective customers in the environment where they would benefit from your product. Find out what they think of your site and your product right then and there, when and where it matters most.

Study Offline Sales

You may find that key features and selling points that salespeople are pitching to potential customers aren’t even present on your website or landing pages. Be sure there are no discrepancies between your offline selling tactics and your online ones. Ben encountered a client once that when he went into the physical store, there were huge signs everywhere you looked encouraging visitors to sign up to be in the Garden Club, while their website didn’t even really mention the Garden Club at all. Be sure your strategies are aligned, and are aiming at the same end goal.

Visit the physical stores, talk to sales people, and use the product yourself to immerse yourself in the product culture and process, and you’ll probably be surprised what you find could be a small tweak online and have a huge impact.

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