#ConvCon NY: Tim Ash Kicks Things Off with "Conversion in a Social World"

By Amanda Sides | Oct 19, 2011
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Tim Ash kicks off Day 1 of the Conversion Conference here in New York City with a great keynote around optimizing conversions in a very social world we are living in.

Valued in the Social Media World? Consistency

In the social world, people will be more likely to trust you if you are consistent. The same with people and their various relationships, you tend to steer clear of inconsistency and wavering tendencies.

To Establish Consistency, You Need to be Committed. 

When you say you’re going to do something, put your entire being into your decision.  Tim Ash suggests “burning your boat” once you get there, so you aren’t tempted to turn back. The best kind of commitments are:
  • Voluntary (not coerced)
  • Public (witnessed)
  • Small (will lead to larger ones)

Implications for Conversion & Social Media Strategy

1. Make Sharing Easy & Embrace the Micro-Conversion
- “Put hot triggers in front of motivated people.”
- Be sure to have sharing buttons on your site.
- Give visitors the option to review or recommend your products.
- Put this into action: Instead of inserting a “Tweet this blog post” link, try implementing a “Tweet this phrase” link instead. People are more likely to share that small important phrase rather than the whole post.
2. Humanize the Computer Experience
- As we all know, and as unfortunate as it is, print is going by the wayside.  But is video dying? Not even close. Everything is moving to video these days, because it’s a better depiction of reality, and more and more actions today are moving to video content.
- Possible to get a good double lift in conversions if you have a great spokesperson in a video on your site. Don’t just test video vs. no video, test the person in the video, the content, etc. See what results you get.
- Demonstrate social proof through likeness & large numbers.
3. Demonstrate Social Proof
- Who are the people you are portraying, and how can we relate to them?
- Example: Side wiki for each website (if you have the Google Toolbar installed). While you are on a specific site, the comments about that same website are probably meaningful to you. Also, on Pandora, if people “like” an artist or a song, you’re more likely to “like” it as well because you see that people in your circle of friends (likely with similar interests) are participating and are advocates for that song/artist.
- Example: Downloading the newest version of Firefox.  They have a ticker on the download page with the total number of people who have downloaded it; many people will see that and think, “Oh, now I have no questions that I should also do this.”
4. Go Wide and Deep and Measure Everything
- Go back a few years, and “likes” were called “hits” by uppermanagement. While upper management wants to see more of them, hits or likes doesn’t mean anything on
- Just because you have 8 million “likes” on Facebook, that doesn’t mean you have a successful campaign going.  You need to measure more than just one dimension; be sure to measure engagement as well. A higher percentage of engagement will push more people down the path to conversion.
5. Fight Massive Filtering with Content Domination
- Facebook displays 0.8% of all wall events. That means Facebook is filtering out 99.2% of all the activity on Facebook. There’s just too much content to display everything.  To combat this, Tim Ash recommends recycling your content. Get more bang for your buck by trying to repurpose as much content as you can.
- Example: You register for a webinar, and you share it (Recycling). Once you’re done with the webinar, share or download the transcript so you can read through it quickly later (Recycling). Then someone blogs about it (Recycling), gets comments (User-Generated Content), and shares it (Recycling). When people only see what is in front of them, make sure your content is in front of them.
- Combat filtering with massive content production.

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