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By Avelyn Austin | Jun 3, 2009
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In April, an informational site reached out to the team at Search Mojo because they wanted to generate greater awareness by driving more traffic to their site. After engaging in a search engine optimization (SEO) campaign for just 30 days they saw organic (non-paid) traffic to their site increase by 957.88%!!! I’m not talking about a jump from 1 person to 958 people either; I’m talking about hundreds of people turning into thousands of people to their site in just 30 days! How did a search engine optimization (SEO) campaign result in such a dramatic increase in traffic?

To answer that question we’ll first need to define search engine optimization (SEO). Search engine optimization, often referred to as SEO, is a process of altering a website in order to gain higher natural or organic rankings within search engines- like Google, MSN / Bing, and Yahoo!- for keywords relating to the information or products offered on the website. The higher a website’s ranking is, the more visibility it gets, and therefore the more traffic it should receive.

For the informational site who reached out to us, their search engine optimization (SEO) campaign entailed: In Depth Keyword Research, Content Edits, Link Building, and A Touch of Mojo! Here’s what we did:

In Depth Keyword Research

Working with the informational site along with many keyword tools the search team developed a list of targeted / relevant keywords with high monthly search volumes. By optimizing the site for targeted / relevant keywords it may be assumed that the increased visibility would not only increase traffic, but increase targeted traffic as well. Check out this post by Janet Driscoll Miller for more information on Keyword Tools.

Content Edits

Using the list of keywords developed during the in depth keyword research, the team found appropriate pages on the site to insert the keywords within the content to increase the keyword density. Check out a previous post of mine (Avelyn Austin) for more information on Content Editing and Keyword Density.

Link Building

Because search engines highly value one-way links to sites, the search team submitted links using the developed keywords as link titles or anchor text (the blue clickable text in a link) to help increase the number of inbound links as well as the quality of inbound links to the site. Check out this post by Catherine Potts for more information on Link Building.

A Touch of Mojo

Well I can’t really explain this part of the search engine optimization (SEO) campaign, but I can tell you that when Janet Driscoll Miller founded Search Mojo she “wanted to think of a name that included the word ‘search’ but that accurately described what the process is like. The word ‘mojo’ is short and sweet but also means something magical and mystical [and] the search marketing process can be really mysterious.”  So if you want a touch of Mojo in your search engine optimization (SEO) campaign you’ll just have to contact the team at Search Mojo or signup for our Free Webinar “How Google Works: A Primer on SEO for Google” to learn more about search engine optimization (SEO).

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