People are Curious about Bing but Google Remains on Top

By Avelyn Austin | Aug 10, 2009
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Last weekend I was visiting some college friends where over our morning coffee we began talking about our jobs.  After explaining what I do as a search engine marketer, obviously mentioning Google once or twice, my friend responded very confidently “Bing is going to crush Google”.  I was happily surprised when my fiance LAUGHED OUT LOUD (capitalized because it was honestly a big laugh) as he turned the local newspaper toward our friend.  The newspaper showed this commentary:

Google It Commentary

How appropriate. 

To give my friend a little credit I can understand why individuals who are not in the search engine industry may have this perception of Bing.  Let’s face it, Bing has been doing its best to litter the advertising scene.  But they may have to face the hard truth that the search engine market still belongs to Google.

In a recent webinar hosted by Search Mojo entitled “Achieving High Rankings in the Bing Search Engine”, two polls were conducted-

  1. Why are you attending this webinar?  To which 47% of attendees responded “I’m Curious”
  2. What search engine do you currently use?  To which an alarming 91% of attendees responded “Google”

So it seems that although people are curious about Bing and people on the outside may think it’s a possible Google killer, the reality is that Google still holds the vast majority of the market share.

Bing vs Google

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