Debating the Relevancy of Google’s Organic Search Results

By Joe McCloskey | May 30, 2008
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My name is Joe McCloskey, and I’m the bookkeeper for Search Mojo. I’m not a search engine marketer, but I often do research on Google to only find that my results are often not terribly relevent or timely.

For instance, on May 28th, I searched for “Search Engine Optimization future trends,” and, in the top 10 results, these were the dates of the articles/blogs that resulted from my search query:

# 1 dated November 9, 2007

# 2 January 15, 2007

# 3, a video dated 6 months ago

# 4, an article dated June 10, 2003

# 5 dated Nov 8, 2007

# 6 dated Sep 19, 2005

# 7 dated Sept 5, 2007

# 8 dated Nov 14, 2007

# 9 dated August 28, 2007

# 10 dated Dec 12, 2007

Frankly, this is not what I wanted or needed and most importantly not relevant or timely to my search inquiry at all. What a waist of time! Why doesn’t Google rate search results by date? You mean with the billions they make they cant program that into their algorithm? For a search about the future, does it make sense to have an article from five years ago rank in the top five results? Especially when there were much more timely articles after that date.

The industry and technology change so fast that anything six months old is really ancient and anything a year old is probably not relevant at all. So certain certain searches take timing into more account? There must be some articles out there that were written more recently than six months ago.

Or maybe I’m expecting too much from the industry leader…Should I send Mr. Page and Mr. Brin an email with my complaint? Or would it be replaced in their email program with a letter I sent them a year ago?

Anyway, just glad I didn’t pay for this search or the results. In the meantime, I’m surfing Yahoo! and MSN for their results. Couldn’t be any worse or any less relevant… You think?

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