Do New (non-Google) Search Engines Mean a Change In Your SEO Campaign?

By Catherine Potts | Jun 11, 2009
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What will change about how we optimize now that we have new search engines (Wolfram Alpha, Bing and Hunch)? Do they even matter? Sure but probably they’re nowhere near the level of Google. While the 3 new engines that posses their own “niche-y” usefulness, it’s best to not get too distracted by them at this point.

So for all the hype, I wondered “will this affect HOW a client’s site is optimized?” If we have a search engines that, in Andy Beal’s words:

“… You’ll have to decide if you want to search, compute, go on a hunch, or get a decision!”

As we all know, Google is the engine we all play to. The idea of these other (way smaller) engines is that they’re going to try and corner more specific “needs” for the searcher. The thought is that there is a level of dissatisfaction with some results given by Google says Andy:

“Microsoft wanted to build a user interface that helped the estimated 42% of us that are constantly unsatisfied with our initial search results”

Does this supposed dissatisfaction really matter or does it just mean the searcher needs to learn how to search? I think it’s great to have options, don’t get me wrong. For example: I only use Internet Explorer –when a gun is held to my head. I love options. I’m currently an Opera and Flock user. Even Firefox has gotten annoying. So trust in that I think it’s great that all these new engines are out there because they’ll take care of different things. However, I wondered if it really would make a difference in how SEO is done.

I asked our founder, Janet Driscoll Miller, what her thoughts were regarding the new engines:

“Generally speaking, good SEO stands up in any search engine. If you follow a good program, good linking stands the test of different engines and the test of time. Most people want to rank well for Google because it’s got the lion’s share of traffic. The new engines are not Google killers yet. So people will still ask ‘how do I rank well for Google?’ Well if you have a solid program, all things will fall into place.”

So the lesson here is that there is no need to adjust the SEO program to try and meet the different algorithms of the different engines. As Janet has also said, all engines (at their core) are about content and links and if those two things in your SEO program are done correctly, they will take care of you regardless of the engine algorithm.

At this point, we’ve received no questions from clients regarding Bing or any other new engine. Though, that doesn’t mean that we’re not keeping an eye on the internet chatter regarding these new engines.

Our clients care about Google because, frankly, it is the one that matters. Focus your efforts on what are most likely to reap the greatest rewards now (with the known-that’s Google) and use these niche engines for just that, your niche needs.

Go check out Andy Beal’s comparison of the engines here. It’s fun to try out new things and maybe expand the horizon a bit. Keep on keepin’ on with good content and good link building and you’ll do just fine.

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