Easy Steps to Setup Your Google Local Listing

By Avelyn Austin | Feb 4, 2009
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Two weeks ago I wrote a blog on Google Universal Search.  In summary, Google Universal Search brings together all forms of Google’s resources including images, maps, news, shopping, video, books… shall I continue?  With Google Universal Search all these mediums are shown on the typical web results page.  Because all these mediums are competing on the web results page it is even more important for businesses to optimize their site every way they can.

A very easy way to begin this infinite optimization project is to create a Google Local Business Listing.  Here are 7 easy steps to setup up you local listing:

  1. Use your Google profile, like your Gmail address and password to log into the Google Local Business Center.  Click on Add New Business.
  2. Enter in your business’ Basic Information including:  address, phone number, email address, website, and business description.
  3. Choose a few categories related to your business, your hours of operations, and your business’ payment options.
  4. Next, upload photos that show off your business.  You have a limit of 10 pictures to upload from the web and/ or your computer.
  5. If you have videos highlighting your business such as product demonstrations, news interviews, commercials, etc. upload them to YouTube (Google owned of course) and place the URL in the local business listing.  You have a limit of 5 videos.
  6. Add additional details about your business.  Google recommends giving details about the brands you carry and if parking is available.  Point is you can mention any important details about your business that you think your customers should know.
  7. FINAL STEP:  Verify your business’ information.  You can do this one of two ways, you may either verify your information by phone and Google will call the phone number that you have provided or you may verify your information by postcard and Google will mail a postcard to the address you have provided for the business.  If using the postcard option, Google will place a pin number of the postcard which you will enter in on the home page of your Google Local Business Center.

Once you have verified your information, your business listing will begin appearing in Google Maps and the Google Local Business Results.  I most recently created a local business listing for a higher education client located in Washington DC.  In the coming weeks I’ll be determining how the Google Local Business Listing effects traffic to the site.  Stay tuned.

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