Facebook Adds “Promote” Option for Pages

By Renee Revetta | Sep 29, 2010
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In an effort to make Facebook advertising even easier (like their suggested ad feature), Facebook has added a “promote” option for Page administrators. If you’re an administrator, you can see this feature by going to your Page, and checking out your status updates. The updates now have an additional option other than the “comment”, “like” or “share” links. If you click on the “Promote” link, you’ll see something similar to this image.

As you can see, Facebook takes the information from the status update and places it into an ad format. It also suggests targeting, ad duration and maximum price.  I would highly advise editing the ad before creating a campaign. The projected CPC and estimated impressions aren’t displayed on this splash page – and are both integral pieces of information. You will most likely want to adjust your daily budget and duration of the ad, too. If you take the time to edit the ad, you can add a lead source tag to track conversions if the destination URL leads to your site. You can find more information about conversion tracking in my post, How to Keep Tracking Facebook Ad Conversions, Without Facebook’s Help.

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