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By Sarah Lokitis | Jul 6, 2011
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Facebook AdvertisingSocial network advertising has increased over the past few years and while there is still room for improvement, social media platforms are part of the competitive world of online advertising. Facebook display revenues are expected to nearly double this year and, with millions of users on this social network, you can be sure your target audience is using this platform. Facebook advertising works because the audience is telling you who they are when they select their interests, relationship status, hometown and likes.

In the Facebook ad platform, you can narrow down your target audience by their age, location, and even what sports or cereal they like. By targeting people who like your product or similar products already, you can more effectively focus your time and money.

One advantage of Facebook advertising is that it is an amalgam of paid search advertising and display retargeting. While users may “like” things on Facebook, it doesn’t always mean they are interested in buying that product or service. There is less intent to buy with a Facebook like or interest than with paid search advertising, so a lower click-through-rate is common and shouldn’t be cause for concern.

With each new advertising platform, new goals should be discussed so expectations aren’t unreasonable. That said; work to engage your audience once they do click the ad. If you are directing the ad to the Facebook page with the goal being a “like”, offer incentives, questions, conversations and photos to keep your audience’s attention, so they will remember your brand when they do have an interest to buy. If you are directing the ad to a Facebook landing page or an external landing page, create a consistent message between the ad and the actions available on the landing page.


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