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By Renee Revetta | Jun 15, 2011
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Here’s a little feature I’ve been craving for a while, but just discovered that it actually exists this morning!  Facebook now allows you to share photos from friends on your Facebook (Fan) Page. Here’s an example of how it’s done, with a photo Janet (@janetdmiller) shared this morning. A few Search Mojo’ers are at Internet Retailer (so if you’re over there in San Diego – make sure to say hello!)

Step 1

Identify the photo you’d like to share, and click on the “Share” link on the bottom left of the screen (under the photo).

Step 2

Once you’ve clicked on “Share” choose where you’d like to share the photo. In this case I chose “On your Page”.

Step 3

Choose which page you’d like to share the photo on. Here I chose “Search Mojo”. For those of you that administer more than one page, just select the Page from the drop-down list.

Step 4

Write your message to your fans and share the photo!

It’s funny how such a simple change can make a community manager’s day. :)

If you haven’t already checked out Search Mojo’s Facebook page – please do! Lots of great content over there if I do say so myself.  Have fun sharing and let me know if you have any questions. Feel free to comment below or find me on Twitter @ReneeRevetta.

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