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By Sarah Lokitis | Jul 29, 2011
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Facebook loves to throw new things at community managers and Facebook Page admins. The feature I’ll highlight today is Place Page Recommendations.

When Place Page Recommendations are available to you, a notification similar to the one above will appear. For Pages with multiple admins, you might want to check your page to see if your recommendations section is already visible. For your initial questions about this recommendations feature, you can check out the Facebook Help Center. A few key features to note:

  • This will only show on business pages that have integrated their Place page or on Place pages themselves.
  • The user making the recommendation makes the call of who can see the recommendation. In other words, they could choose to share it just with friends or make it 100% public.
  • That said, even administrators of the page might not be able to see all of the recommendations – admins will only be able to see ones shared publicly.
  • The recommendations box can’t be removed from Place pages.
  • Admins CAN remove public recommendations from being displayed if they so choose. (Thanks for letting us do SOMETHING, Facebook).

While this feature may not have a massive impact on B2B companies – small/local biz, restaurants and consumer products could either benefit from or struggle with recommendations. With so many recommendations-based sites already out there, will users actually use and rely upon Facebook recommendations? Will they even know they exist? The “Recommend This Place” box resides where things like ads, recommended friends, sponsored stories and friend-finder type messages exist currently – on the far right sidebar in Facebook.

For community managers, this is just one more feature to keep your eyes on and monitor. I’ve yet to discover if Facebook will send notifications when a new recommendation is made about your “Place”/business. Also, from what I can tell, Facebook doesn’t prohibit people from the company to write a glowing recommendation about their business.

See? Facebook totally would have allowed me to write a fabulous recommendation about Search Mojo.

I’m interested to see if anyone else has played around with these and what your experiences have been. Do you think Facebook recommendations will make any impact on brand monitoring and brand management? Feel free to leave your thoughts below or find me on Twitter @Lokitis.

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  • http://www.fillmybelly.com/ Fillmybelly

    Great Post. I was looking for more explanation on Facebook Recommendation to use it properly for my Facebook business page.

    Thanks, I now have a better understanding.

  • http://blog.search-mojo.com/author/rrevetta/ Renee Revetta

    Glad I could help you out! :)