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By Sarah Lokitis | Mar 6, 2012
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Facebook has released a new product for businesses called Facebook Offers. Facebook Offers are FREE to use for both the Page and the User. While Facebook has not opened up Offers to all businesses yet, a few companies get to experiment with them early before they are rolled out.  So far, I have collected offers from Loft and Einstein Bros Bagels.

Facebook has created a new Help section on their site dedicated to the new Offers product, which was officially announced at the first ever Facebook Marketing Conference fMC in NYC on February 29th.

How Facebook Offers Works for Users

I first saw the Einstein Bros Bagels offer posted along the right hand column of my Facebook, where Ads are typically displayed. I also found the offer shared by Einstein on their Page. When users claim the Offer, a News Feed story is created to be shown to their friends. As you can see in the offer, over 30,000 people have claimed this offer for free! There is a viral nature about deals and offers that brands will love.

The Offer was clear and there was a sense of timeliness to the Offer with Leap Year, which drew my attention.

Facebook Offer

I’m all about free food, so of course, I clicked “Get Offer.” A small window popped up with the terms of the offer and the expiration date.

Facebook Claim Offer

Once I clicked “Claim Offer,” another window popped up indicating that it had sent me the e-mail. Facebook already knows your e-mail address, so there is no need to ask for additional information. Talk about easy! After seeing the message below, I headed straight to my e-mail inbox.

The Offer was waiting for my in my email and said that I could either print the e-mail out or show the Offer straight from my phone! Offers can also be claimed straight from the News Feed, which introduces the feature of Offers and Ads on Mobile. There is a Share Offer button within the email, so you can spread the word to your friends immediately with zero hassle.

Facebook Offer E-Mail

How Facebook Offers Works for Pages

When it becomes available to your Pages, administrators of the Facebook Page can visit their Page and select “Offer” from the sharing tool at the top of the timeline. Facebook encourages a strong headline with clear details. The example they use is, “Get 10% off when you spend $50 or more.” An expiration date is selected and a photo is uploaded. After describing the terms and conditions, just click “Post.”

Seems like it is pretty straightforward. I don’t know at this time if the terms have to be approved by Facebook before going live.

The Facebook story will show how many people claimed this offer, but it is up to you as the company to track how many claimed Offers are redeemed at your location.

What do you think about Facebook Offers?

I can’t wait to see what other Offers are presented and how companies use Offers as they are rolled out to all Pages. How would your company use Offers today if they could?

What do you think about Offers? Do you think Facebook will end up charging the advertiser to send out Offers? What impact will free offers on Facebook have on deal sites like Groupon, where small businesses pay up to half of the earnings as part of the service? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Comment below, find me on Twitter @Lokitis, or find me on Google+ +Sarah Lokitis.

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