Facebook Tells Me I’m Ginger Spice…

By Catherine Potts | Jan 18, 2008
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Facebook Tells Me I’m Ginger Spice…

… and reaffirms that I watch too much TV. Do I really want to try and figure out more about who I am (right brain vs. left brain) as though a Facebook application is really the place you go to learn about yourself? Am I effectively using Facebook for it’s the original intent when I signed up?

For social networking’s sake, it’s one of the sites I’m a member of. It’s a great place to contact and connect with either former classmates (or new mates-tee hee… hey… not that girl!) or fellow people in the industry.

In my earlier, non-SEO days, I probably wouldn’t have partaken in a site like this, but after some urging, I went ahead with it.

I’ve found the applications fun. Of course with some of the applications a little bit of ego gets involved and who doesn’t mind finding out of you’re hot or not… or in this case ‘Are YOU Interested?

Facebook is yet another place where people can find others interested in the same things they are (like SEO or Seinfeld or more cowbell). I think in many ways it’s far easier to use than say, Myspace. At least with Facebook I’m not saddled with trying to find the raddest background theme or the coolest song to present to the world as my current personal theme music for how I’m feeling at a given moment in time.

I like the somewhat uncomplicated nature of it.

I’ve even got a Facebook pages for my dogs (did I mention they also have dogster and my cat as a catster page? I know… loser over here). I can’t leave them out. I mean, come ON. So now, as if they don’t get enough attention, they can receive a virtual “pet” from those who are so inclined.

Scout and Buck

When I’m not trying to out “superpoke” my friends or coworkers, I can peruse the various work-related SEO groups or see what new group has popped up. Have I made any huge, life-altering connections yet? No. The reason for that is that I think I’ve gotten distracted with the fun apps!

I think the bigger value of such a site is in reading what others have to say (like with any social networking site) and stumbling across areas of the internet I’ve not yet been. Does that exist?

As time passes, I get more notifications and requests to add new applications from friends. All great and totally neato-seriously. I want to have the ultimate profile ok? I want people to think I’m the coolest, most well-connected Seinfeld fan ever! What is so wrong with that? Nothing really, what’s life without stuff like that?

Part of the problem is that it’s something I originally started to increase the social networking visibility and connect with fellow SEO’rs has now turned into this dirty little page about every TV show I watch (well not every one… there just isn’t room actually) and just today, though, I got this when I logged in:

You have 48 boxes added to your profile page. To help you keep your profile uncluttered, we’ve created an extended portion of your profile. You and your friends will be able to click through at any time to see the boxes you move to the extended portion of your profile.

How do I choose what to keep in the extended portion of my profile? Obviously, since I’m fairly new to Facebook, 48 apps are really not that many. I’m sure others have a lot more.

I think I’ve learned that I don’t accept every invite for every app. Keep to the ones that won’t leave me with a huge list to acknowledge upon every login (say, all the people clicking “yes” on ‘Are YOU Interested’ hehe).

So my focus now is to evaluate what apps aren’t mucking up my profile (more so what groups in my list have people I need to be talking to) and what ones are a bit… ‘Girls Gone Wild’ish.’ It’s easy to lose focus with a cool thing like Facebook so it’s time to rein in the ‘Booze Mail’, ‘Compare People’ and especially ‘Most Desirable’ (mainly b/c I’m not the MOST desirable!) hmmph!

I’m definitely going to be hopping on the group site ‘Facebook Whores for SEO, SMO and SEM Awareness’ with more regularity. Do you think it’ll stick when I get a notification that someone thinks I’m dateable? I’ll letcha know…

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