Finding Redemption For Your Landing Page Sins

By Amanda Sides | Jul 2, 2009
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Earlier this week, Tim Ash gave a webinar on the “7 Deadly Sins of Landing Page Design.” Avelyn Austin’s post this week was a quiz that you should take to find out whether your landing page is a “sinner.” If you found out that it has fallen off the straight and narrow, here are some “redemptions” to get you back on track.

1. Have a clear call to action. You want the call to action on the page to be very prominent and to draw the eye of the searcher. Some helpful tips: Placement of the call to action should be above the fold, and try to deemphasize all other compete call to actions.

2. Don’t offer too many choices. You don’t want to give too much detail too early in the process. Even though we know you want to show everything you have to offer, try to group them into categories. Helpful tip: Use visual shortcuts to cut down on reading.

3. Only ask for information you need right now. No one loves filling out forms, especially really long ones. So try to cut down on the number of information fields and only ask for what you need. Tim suggests asking yourself…”Is this information absolutely necessary for the current transaction?” If it’s not, take it out.

4. Refrain from too much text. You don’t want the user to think “Do you really expect me to read all of this?” An easy way to approach your text is almost like a newspaper writer would. Focus on the headline, phrases, and bullet points. Get the most important information in first. If you need the text for SEO purposes, try putting it below the fold, this way the search engines still see it, but your searcher probably won’t focus on it too much.

5. Keep your promises. Don’t mislead your searchers. If you tell them you have something in your ad, make sure that you give it to them on the landing page, or have clear directions on how to navigate to that information. You don’t want your landing page to be disconnected from “upstream” promises.

6. No visual distractions. Your page should be set up so that right as someone lands on your page, the area their eyes go to, is exactly where you want them to look. Moving pop-ups and things of that nature are annoying distractions to the user. Tim suggests a more boring page; you don’t want to compete with your call to action; you want that to be the main focus. Helpful tip: Don’t use images unless they are directly related to your product.

7. Establish trust and credibility. You want to ensure your users that your page is safe for them to explore and/or shop on. Feature well known trust symbols (McAfee) and client logos/brand symbols. Tim says don’t be afraid to borrow and solidify trust. Your users will know you are trustworthy by being able to see who else is willing to work with you.

Hopefully now you have a good grasp on how to redeem your landing page sins. A few simple tweaks can make a huge difference!

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