From TWTRCON DC 09: The Power of Real Time Communities

By Renee Revetta | Oct 22, 2009
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The keynote of the morning, Craig Newmark, Founder, craigslist and moderator Alan Murray, Deputy Managing Editor & Executive Editor Online, The Wall Street Journal kept the morning rolling with some humor and advice. The main topic was how micro-blogging powers communities, and the benefits for business, government and society. However, some time was spent talking about Newmark’s interesting Twitter feed and his interest for white pigeons.  Check out his Twitter stream to see what I’m talking about…

“Social media by its nature gets people to work together.” You need management buy in, however.  And, “you need someone at the top to say free the nerds.”

Recently featured in Wired magazine, Craig Newmark is known for customer service.  He said customer service is public service if done in good conscience. Social media helps us accomplish customer service with direct feedback.  Newmark thinks we all need our own publishing channels.  So go ahead and get a blog or Twitter account to share your thoughts and spread insights.

When speaking about the government, the White House blog and Twitter account came up.  Newmark said the White House is being way more open and honest with these channels than expected.  As the White House is doing, brands should be on Twitter for another method of contact.  A suggestion from him was to listen to feedback and then do something about it, which is the history of craigslist from day one.  With the success of craigslist, I think it would be silly to not listen to this advice.

By now, you may have heard the news broke yesterday that Bing and Google will list Tweets from Twitter.  Newmark thinks this is mostly a good thing, but the bad side is that those tweets will be part of a person’s permanent record.  So now, more than ever, think about what you tweet.

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