From TWTRCON DC 09: Twitter for Business 101

By Renee Revetta | Oct 22, 2009
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Laura Fitton, of spoke about engaging your audience, Twitter tips and measuring success.  As some basics of social media, Fitton remined us to not just get up on a soap box and yell and scream but to turn the spotlight back on the community.  Your audience is everywhere, and no longer hooked to a computer screen.  They’re doing errands, at work, walking around town with their Blackberry, iPhone, iTouch or smartphone.  People can connect to Twitter anywhere, anytime.

Because of SEO, @pistachio, Laura Fitton’s Twitter account said she ranks above all other pistachio results (aside from Wikipedia, of course).  As another example, she said to search for ‘dough.’

As far as where Twitter can be used for business, some suggestions were, events, community, customer service, monitoring, news, innovation, research, point of sale, word of mouth, relationships, branding, direct sales and SEO.

Some of my favorite take away’s were: Just like a cocktail party – don’t just walk up and pipe in, listen first on Twitter.  Also, for blog posts, she recommended not to just tweet the link and title of the post, but to ask a question related to your audience, and to turn the title inside out to reach your audience.

“Twitter campaigns – not so much.” Twitter literacy should be a company’s goal for their employees instead of thinking about it as a campaign. When asked about Twitter spam, she said it’s like email spam. On Twitter we all must self-police and now that people are understanding the hashtag, more spam will come about.  The important thing is for us to report spam we find.

And how do we measure this venture with Twitter? BY number of followers? No. Fitton suggested to measure by the most appropriate standards for the objective. A great piece of advice was to let the network you’re building grow organically.

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