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By Amanda Sides | Sep 3, 2010
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Shopping pages and filters for search engines have been around for a while now, Bing included. Bing Shopping, just as anything in the online world, has evolved since it was first developed. You live and you learn, and Bing is moving forward with some changes.

For Merchants | What is Bing Shopping? Bing Shopping is Bing’s way of allowing people to search with shopping intentions. If you are an advertiser, this feature from Bing is now FREE, so more merchants will probably start to utilize the service. Just like Google Shopping, you will need upload a feed that includes required information requested from the engine. Make sure you do a little research before you try this, as there are some steps you need to take before you can get started. Here’s a great resource for the Bing Shopping program, including the Merchant Integration Guide which will walk you through the steps you’ll need to take.  Here’s a quick rundown of the process:

  • Make sure your company is eligible to participate, and submit the Bing Shopping interest form.
  • Set up your company within the Merchant Center
  • Create and upload your feed.  You may need to modify your Google Shopping feed to include the required catalog data for Bing.  Find details on what fields are required in your product feed by downloading the Merchant Integration Guide. If you need further guidance, consult the Bing Shopping forum.

A few things worth mentioning… Bing requires that you refresh your feed every 30 days, although it is recommended to do so daily.  When you initially upload your feed, it can take up to 14 business days for Bing to start showing your products within Bing Shopping.

For Shoppers | If you start on the Bing home page, there are a few different ways you can go about your online shopping.  You can either click the Shopping link in the left navigation, and select the Stores tab to drill to the specific retailer you are searching for, if you already know where you want to shop.

Or, if you like shopping the more “traditional” way, you can just enter your search query in the search box on the home page, and go from there. If you search on a more popular item, a few shopping results will appear on the initial SERP. If there aren’t any Shopping results, you can select the shopping tab, and view only Shopping results.

Bing Cashback | As of July 30, Bing Cashback is no longer an option.  However, you are still able to redeem cashback for purchases made before July 30.

The Bing cashback program has been discontinued and the last day to earn cash back on your Bing Shopping purchases was July 30, 2010. We encourage you to redeem your cashback savings and to support redemption we are waiving the $5 minimum payout requirement. You can redeem all of your earned cashback savings consistent with the cashback terms and conditions and access your cashback account through July 30, 2011. - Bing

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