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By Renee Revetta | Jul 21, 2010
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Here at Search Mojo, we recommend that all of our SEO clients tweet, regardless of the nature of their business. We’ve been recommending this practice for about a year now – Twitter should be used as an SEO tool. Here’s an example of how one of our clients is impacting their ROI with Twitter – you can follow their lead and do the same thing.

PerfectDisk is a disk defragmentation software that is available for download for both consumers and businesses online. From time to time they’ll offer sales promotions for their product. Creativity struck just as the Washington, DC earthquake did, and a SHAKE25 promo was born. For a limited time, they offered their product download for 25% off by using the SHAKE25 promo code. They shared this promo on Twitter, and the tweet landed them a spot in the Washington Business Journal.

People interested in technology might go out and follow @PerfectDisk on Twitter now that they know they have an account. In my opinion, customers favor buying from the brands that are active on social networks. Trust me there are stats out there to back me up. From Marketing Pilgrim:

51% of those surveyed said they were more likely to buy from a brand after following them on Facebook; 67% said they were more likely to buy after following on Twitter. Brands also got a boost in recommendations: 60% of Facebook fans and 79% of Twitter followers were more likely to recommend a brand to their friends.

Aside from the sales made through Twitter alone, the article gave them additional exposure not just about their promo, but their brand in general. Considering the impressions, views and readership of the Washington Business Journal that single tweet could be pretty significant for PerfectDisk. Even if a large amount of sales weren’t acquired through this promo, you can bet that because of brand awareness, more people are apt to buy from them next time.

All of these positives are derived from being active on Twitter. They’re impacting their ROI, aligning themselves as a socially-forward company, increasing their brand awareness, and opening the door for more sales in the future. So especially if you’re a company that offers online promotions, has online downloads or quote requests, Twitter could be just another venue for making sales. By knowing the proper things to share on social networks, your efforts can increase your ROI.

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