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By Renee Revetta | Mar 17, 2011
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Ireland celebrated National Ginger Day on March 12 all because of a Facebook group’s upheaval (yes, really) but for the US, most people strongly equate redheads with St. Patrick’s Day (even though obviously not all redheads are Irish, and there are actually more redheads in Scotland than Ireland. Although 10 redheads in this post are Irish, and 3 are Scottish in case you were wondering.) Ok enough with the redhead/ginger/daywalker trivia. We do have souls (South Park anyone?) and we’re also successful online marketers, SEO & IT professionals, public relations professionals and bloggers.

Let the gingerfest commence, since it is ginger appreciation day afterall. :)

Rhea (@Rhea)
50% Irish, 50% Scottish
Outspoken Media
Facebook: Outspoken Media

Outspoken media does internet marketing (SEO consulting, ORM, social media, content cretaion, blog consulting, and community building in a self-proclaimed “in-your-face” fashion. Rhea is highly respected in the industry and is the super hero to her clients. You can call her She-Ra. Some great advice from “If you have an online presence, you should be managing it. You don’t have to be a celebrity, politician, business owner or high profile blogger to understand the basics of online reputation management and why it’s so important.” Get their online reputation management guide to study up!

Erika (@RedheadWriting)
Danish & Czech
Redhead Writing
Latest blog post: The bitch slap: An incredible opportunity
Facebook: Redhead Writing

Erika is RedheadWriting, a Denver, Colorado-based online strategies consulting firm. Clients can expect Erika to always be “irreverent but never insincere”. From her website, “engaging with Erika ensures one thing: tuning in to unfiltered content, blunt advice and unpopular thoughts designed to shake you up and move you forward.” In my opinion, that’s very often what businesses need! Coming up in June, she’ll be a columnist for Entrepreneur Magazine (impressed yet?).

Sarah (@sarahcarling)
English of Irish descent
SEO Chicks
The Media Flow
Facebook: SEO Chicks

As an online marketing specialist Sarah has worked with a large range of companies, from FTSE100 companies, through to small start ups and niche businesses. Her primary goal with her clients is to increase exposure, sales and profitability. You can find Sarah blogging at SEO Chicks, working as a senior search & social media consultant at The Media Flow and providing consultant services through I’m sensing a trend of “busy” with these ladies…to relax, Sarah enjoys knitting and spending some time on her spinning wheel.

Michelle (@michellerobbins)
Scottish & Irish
Facebook: Search Engine Land, Search Marketing Expo, Search Marketing Now, Sphinn

Michelle directs, manages, and implements all technology initiatives for the company (Third Door Media) brands and sites, including Search Engine Land, Search Marketing Expo, Search Marketing Now and Sphinn. She’s additionally responsible for management and maintenance of all internal systems utilized by the various business divisions. Here’s an interview for some insights into her career path. I learned that she has a passion for racing/driving and Mustangs – how cool is that?!

Julie (@juliejoyce)
Link Fish Media
Latest blog post: How A Bad Reputation Can Affect Link Building
Facebook: SEO Chicks

Julie Joyce is one of the founders of SEO Chicks and serves as Link Fish’s Director of Operations. This is self-described, but “her mood depends upon the humidity (I love this) and she enjoys cannibal movies and Swedish crime novels.”  She’s also a highly esteemed contributor for Search Engine Land. You can subscribe to her Search Engine Land posts, here.

Annie (@AnnieCushing)
Irish (the qualifies for dual citizenship kind)
Latest blog post: The Power of Dashboards in Google Analytics
Facebook: BlueGlassInc

Annie is the Director of Analytics at BlueGlass. She spends her days taking deep dives in data to identify trends, do forensic research, and carve out strategic blueprints to transform clients’ goals into reality. She also received her certification in Web Analytics from Market Motive, where she learned the ways of the analytics ninjas. Hear her when she says, “she makes data sexy.”


Jeannine (@SmallChic)
Irish (County Cork)
Small Chic Home
Latest blog post: Wedding Wednesday: Wishing Upon a Star
Facebook: Small and Chic in Cville

Jeannine blogs over at Small Chic Home along with working at the University of Virginia as senior assistant dean of admission. You can follow her at UVA admissions at UVaDeanJ. I think it’s great that education is taking the leap into social media! From her “About Me” page, I learned she has no design training whatsoever, which blows my mind because um…check out her house tour and you’ll understand my surprise.

Michelle (@mschafer)
50% Irish
Merritt Group PR
Latest blog post: Security B-Sides: Why the “Unconference” Event Concept is Exploding Across the Security Community
Facebook: Merritt Group

She has a decade plus of hands-on communications & PR experience, and knowledge of the security landscape including cyber security, wireless, application, data and network security and regulatory environments. Most of her clients provide some form of security product that help protect their customers from hackers, cyber criminals, organized crime, and identity thieves, so she uses Twitter to help promote her clients’ news and spead the word about newer security threats. She’s also a mom and enjoys running races and spending time with family and friends.

Vicki (@SmartWoman)
B2B Social Media Training
Latest blog post: Automation and Engagement in B2B Social Media (video)
Facebook: B2B Social Media Training

Vicki Flaugher is founder of, and is an Online Marketing Strategist and B2B Social Media implementation specialist. She created her site to assist enterprise executives as they implement social media within their organizations. She also tweets at @SocialMedia4B2B

Mikinzie (@Mikinzie)
PR Geek Speak
Latest blog post: 6 quick tips for time management

Mikinzie is a Midwestern girl living in the big city and runs the show at PR Geek Speak. Previously, she authored The PRepguide blog which was featured in the PRSA Newsletter (Feb 2010), and used social networking to land her first PR job in NYC. Currently, she works at Peppercom for B2B and B2C clients on digital campaigns and strategies. Follow her feed of blog posts. She enjoys reading her Kindle, drinking a beverage of the caffeinated variety and listening to her eclectic collection of music; sometimes simultaneously – go crazy, girl – do it!

Dana (@DanaNotman)
50% Irish
Latest Blog Post: Google Improves Social Search – And Why You Should Care

Dana is an outgoing, annoyingly-perky ginger living in the sunny desert near Phoenix (which means she needs to apply a LOT of sunscreen). Dana works as a SEO Strategist for iCrossing, based in Scottsdale, AZ, and aids big companies in natural search and online branding campaigns. She enjoys Facebook stalking, reading Chelsea Handler books, and updating Twitter way too much. And there is nothing Dana loves more than a cold Guinness!

Hollis (@holliscguerra)
50% Italian, 50% Polish
blast! PR (@blastpr)

Hollis is a senior PR specialist at blast! PR, so she stays up to date on the latest trends, sites and opportunities available for new enterprises. Well versed in media relations and outbound pitching, Hollis enjoys forging strong relationships from reporters to the newest blogger. Previously, she interned at McKinney Advertising in Durham, NC. Hollis is also a frequent oversea traveler (Barcelona, Italy, Rio and Australia to name a few), she’s on her 2nd Marathon since December and speaks Italian and SOME Polish! (Viva l’Italia!)


Me – Renée (@ReneeRevetta)
50 % Italian, Polish, Czech, Swedish
Latest blog post: SlideShare Test: Which Format Gets the Most Views?
Facebook: A shameless plug for the Search Mojo Page

I work here at Search Mojo as senior social media specialist where I blog and help our SEO clients get set up and optimize social media participation for their SEO efforts. You can also find me over at @SearchMojo. I’m a hardcore Pittsburgh Steelers fan, JMU grad and on-the-side dancer for an arena football team in Richmond, Va (Go Richmond Raiders!). I’ll still be dancing, and maybe tweeting at 60.

the men

Jeremiah (@jeremiah)
50% Swedish, 50% Norwegian
The Cubicle Punk
From his blog: A Web Workers Warning: Protect your data

From Cubicle Punk, “I often get asked “what is it you do?”  My Answer? I am one of the lucky ones. I get to help business move from the analog to the digital and I have been doing it for longer than I can even remember.  I don’t design websites, I create strategies for customer acquisition and more.  ADD is my superpower and I can use it to help you.” Jeremiah is Online Customer Acquisition Manager at Logitech and he’s also internet OG… “Original Ginger”. (I apologize for not discovering that he and the following men are also awesome gingers until after initially publishing this post.)

Rob (@RobOusbey)
Blog post: Indexation problems diagnosis using Google Webmaster Tools
Facebook: Distilled

You might know Rob from blogs such as DistilledSEOmoz and  Since May 2008, he’s been an SEO Consultant for Distilled – first in London, then in 2010 he moved to Seattle to manage Distilled’s new American office, as VP Operations. I love this tidbit from his website: “Rob Ousbey is a machine for turning coffee into clever ideas.”

Matthew (@MatthewJBrown)
Welsh & Irish
Facebook: AudienceWise

Matthew previously was Director of Search Strategy at and Co-Founder/COO of a New York Times in-house digital marketing agency. His area of focus was driving the research and technology side of the search marketing effort for the Times, the Boston Globe ( and the International Herald Tribune. Since joining the NYTco, his team helped exponentially grow search traffic to the newspaper’s websites. As Principal at AudienceWise, he and Timothy (below) manage their forward-thinking digital marketing firm geared towards driving traffic and engaging audiences for businesses of all types.

Timothy (@tresnik)
Latest blog post: The Proliferation and Fragmentation of Geo-Social Apps
Facebook: AudienceWise

Tim has over 12 years of experience in digital marketing and corporate project management, most recently as Chief Marketing Officer for Card Player magazine. Tim is a marketing strategist and builder of online communities, applications and ecommerce sites. Having spent his formative business years in one of the fastest growing web-technology companies in Bangalore, India, Tim not only learned the art of negotiation with shrewd auto-rickshaw drivers on the way to work, but had the opportunity to cut his chops in product development, web usability, project management and enterprise sales.

Hold up – 2 gingers at AudienceWise? AudienceWise wins for redheaded ratio!!

To the other gingers in this post:

We all know this – but redheads have an unspoken bond with each other. Just yesterday I experienced this IRL at a checkout counter with the ginger clerk. You know – that little hat tip/nod of redheaded acknowledgement? So here’s hoping some of us do get to meet in person someday (glad I’ve already met you Jeannine!) – because you all seem really awesome.  Keep doing great things in your respective industries!

To the readers:

For those of you that are now overwhelmed by our redheaded powers and intelligence, you can follow the musings, rants and everything in between by following us on Twitter.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! :)



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  • John

    Julie, Jeannine & Mikinzie does not look that pure ginger ( Redheaded) :)

  • Jeannine @ Small & Chic Home

    Maybe I should have given Renée the picture from my Irish passport to increase my cred with John? ;)

  • Kate Morris

    What about boys? @RobOusbey

  • Renee Revetta

    Of course – no boys responded to my shout outs for gingers/I didn’t find any via bio search for redheads. These ginger men are hard to find! :) However I am totally up for adding them! People have also suggested @matthewjbrown & @tresnik.

  • Vicki Flaugher

    Such a fun delight to be listed among such a solid group of talented women. Thanks, Renee!

    Vicki @Smartwoman Flaugher

  • Sarah

    I love it, it’s so nice to see someone appreciate the redder things in life:)

  • Kristy

    Don’t forget Jeremiah Andrick if we’re adding boys. He’s the OG (original ginger) *his words, NOT mine* ;)

  • Stuart Flatt

    For male redheads, I would imagine Darren Rowse (pro blogger) is the best known…? ;)

  • Renee Revetta

    By popular demand – Men have been added! YAY!

    Again, I’m sorry for not being able to find you guys on my own, but thank you everyone for your recommendations both here and on Twitter!

    Also, har har Stuart :)

  • Tim Resnik

    That’s why they call us GingerWise.

  • Rob

    So, for the longest time Distilled had a crazy red-head-ratio. Alongside me, there was Frazer (another consultant), Lucy (a project manager) and Duncan (our CEO) – 4 out of 14 of us back then… it was pretty special.

  • xsploitedsec

    @mschafer ftw! :p