Giving Thanks: 8 Things We're Thankful For This Year

By Janet Driscoll Miller | Nov 23, 2010
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With Thanksgiving upon us, so in the spirit of Linus VanPelt, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the things we’re thankful for at Search Mojo this year.


While it’s been a tough year (two years really) for so many, we’ve been fortunate enough to work in a field that just seems to continue to grow by leaps and bounds. We realize that we’re lucky to have chosen a field of work that is prospering right now, and we count our blessings for that.


We’re all so fortunate to live in a country where opportunity exists. I try to seize it every chance I get. This year was marked with great privileges of opportunity bestowed on us, and we answered those moments to the best of our ability.

Great Customers

We’ve been so blessed at Search Mojo to work with some truly great customers — people who have a vision and want to see it come to fruition. And we’re thankful that they’ve put their trust in us to help those goals become reality. We do our best to honor that trust and live up to it every day. Thank you.

Great Partners

Early on, we decided to partner with marketing and advertising agencies to serve as the search component for them. Over the years, we’ve established relationships with some incredibly talented marketers, and we not only appreciate their business but also their friendship. Our partners help make us a better agency by pushing us to new limits and always giving us new challenges. Thank you.

Great Employees

I can’t say enough about this point. I started Search Mojo in 2005… just me in my house. Then my husband, Tad, came on board. And from there, our little company grew into a well-respected search agency. None of that would have been possible without the hard work and dedication of some truly great employees. I expect the best every day, and every Search Mojo employee over-delivers on that expectation. So Tad, Amanda, Evan, Kaitlyn, Mark, Avelyn, Renee, Chris, Joe and Stephanie — THANK YOU. You make my dream come true every day.

Google and Bing

Yes, that’s right. I’m thankful for the search engines. And, no, this is not an effort to patronize them. Believe me — they also frustrate me daily. But without the search engines, we would not be doing the jobs we do today. They have created an entire industry in search engine marketing that didn’t exist when I graduated from high school. So, Google and Bing, thank you. And we will continue to do our best to outwit your changing algorithms in the future.

Pubcon and SMX

This point is also not meant to be patronizing, but rather a note of true thanks. These two shows circuits are our favorites, and I want to thank Brett Tabke and Danny Sullivan for creating these shows. They provide us with an opportunity to regularly learn from our peers, share ideas, and just have some fun. Those shows take a lot of work to pull off, and they both seem to do it without a hitch (for the most part).

Additional Thanks to Danny Sullivan

Even beyond the SMX shows and the Search Engine Strategies shows before that, without Danny Sullivan and the Search Engine Watch website, I (and many others) would have never started down the search engine marketing path. Danny and the SEW website were the catalyst that propelled an industry from the start. Thank you, Danny. I love what I do, and I may have never found it without those early teachings from SEW.

Our Search Engine Marketing Community

You’ll never find a community of people more willing to share their ideas, findings, and successes and failures with their peers more than in the search engine marketing community. This group opens up all types of information to help others learn — through conferences, webinars, blogs, tweets — you name it. We support each other and help our friends learn. It’s the most collaborative environment I’ve ever seen, and I truly appreciate it. Thank you to our community.

Well, I hope this blog post wasn’t too sappy for you, but I believe it’s important to show appreciation — it means so much to those who receive it. And Thanksgiving, for me, simply serves as one time of the year we can all be reminded of what we appreciate and are thankful for in life.

Everyone have a very happy and safe Thanksgiving. What are you thankful for this year?

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