Good Book for SEOs: Words that Work

By Janet Driscoll Miller | Feb 21, 2007
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I recently finished an audiobook (available on iTunes) that I found really insightful for SEO — “Words that Work — It’s Not What You Say But What People Hear” by Dr. Frank Luntz.

In both SEO and PPC, we are always needing to understand the linguistics of our audience, and this book further points out which words work better than others. For instance, studies show that women respond better to the phrase “we listen to our customers” than “hear what our customers have said”. By choosing the right keywords for your SEO campaign, choosing the right words for your PPC ad, or choosing the right words for your landing pages, you’re likely to see better conversion rates. And by targeting the right words to the right demographic, you can see even further success.

Word of caution: Dr. Luntz’s work was primarily for the Republican party during the “Contract with America” years. Don’t be offended if you’re a Democrat… just listen to what he has to say. Also, he does spend a time justifying his expertise, which was a bit annoying. Otherwise, the content is great and very useful.

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