Google Ad Extensions: Social, Product, Seller Ratings, and Forms

By Lauren Kade | Mar 28, 2012
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Now that you’ve all read part 1 of this post, in which I detailed Ad Sitelink ad extensions, call extensions with call metrics, and location extensions, I’m sure you’re hungry for even more ad extensions!  And Google is here to help.  Here are four more types of ad extensions, some available now and some that Google is rumored to be testing.

Social Extensions

Social extensions are a relatively new extension that allows you to link your company’s Google+ page with your PPC ads. Not only will social extensions add a link directly to your Google+ page, but they will also show the total number of +1′s that your company has received. The total +1′s includes not only +1′s on your Google+ page, but +1′s from your AdWords ads, your website, and organic search. Adding social extensions can draw attention to your ad and also lets users can see how many people have recommended your site via +1s, building trust.

Product Extensions

Google product extensions allow you to feature products directly in your PPC ads without taking up valuable character space in your ad copy. Product extensions can include pictures, product names, and prices, and have plus box extensions where users can expand to see even more information just below your ad.  When a user clicks on one of your product extensions, you will be charged the same as if they clicked on the headline of your ad. To set up product extensions, you need to link your AdWords account with your Google Merchant Center account by entering your account info on the product extensions dropdown on the Extensions Tab in AdWords.  Setting up a Google Merchant Center account will also make your product listings available through Google Product Search, known to most of us as the Shopping tab option when you search in Google.  One thing to note about product extensions is that once you have your accounts linked, Google chooses to show the product information of your closest matching products with your ad – so you don’t exclusively have control over what products are showing.

Seller Rating Extensions

Seller rating extensions add your merchant star rating from Google Product Search to your ad, with a link to view reviews of your company.  These ratings not only attract attention, but help build trust in your brand, and don’t cost anything extra!  If a user clicks on your ad you will be charged normally, and if they click to see reviews you will not be charged at all.  This extension is still in limited release as of the writing of this blog post, but should be fully released soon.

Form Extensions: Rumor Has It!

Form extensions must be top-secret, because I couldn’t find any information on these other than blog posts with rumors.  When I was doing research to find examples of all these other wonderful extensions, though, I got a screen shot of one so I thought I’d share.  It’s interesting to note that this ad not only has a form extension, but has Ad Sitelink extensions as well!

Well there you go!  All of the current Google Ad Extensions explained.  Want even more?  Stay up-to-date on new extensions at Google Ad Innovations.  Have a question?  Leave a comment below.

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